Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's time to Celebrate!

This weekend was Nathan's 30th birthday. Such a milestone 30 is for us as twenty-somethings...and though it's only a number, something about it seems scary and OLD! :) But putting it all in perspective, I remember being 9 and feeling like 30 was ancient. Now that we're here, and most of us are entering this time in life, it doesn't feel so old anymore. It just feels like the next step in an onwardly upward sequence of events.

One of the most frustrating things about the timing of our move was the fact that we had begun planning Nathan a birthday party in Charlotte. It was going to be grand. Great food, great party, great friends, and an overall huge celebration to welcome him into this new era. However, due to the move in the middle of peak planning dates, it just wasn't going to work. It was hard being in a new city and maneuvering the catering world, restaurant world, and attempting to get family and friends here from out of town at late notice. So out the window that plan had to go. In with the new plan.

New plan was to gather as many names and addresses (email or snail mail) and get the word out that Nate-dog was turning 30. I asked for cards, letters, pictures, collages, videos, whatever it was people wanted to send to commemorate their friendship and love of "the Nate." An overwhelming response was recieved and I compiled everything into a really awesome memory book for him to have and hold for the next 30 years. It served as a great reminder of the friendships he has across the years, places, and life experiences he has lived and I think he really enjoyed the gift.

Since his birthday was on a Monday, I had to try and find some activities for the weekend that would make it last as long as I could. Luckily, I convinced his best buddy Phillip and his wife Fran to come up to Nashville and surprise him on the Saturday before his big day. As we cleaned house Saturday morning, the knock on the door almost literally knocked him off his feet when he saw it was Phillip and Fran on the other side. We had pulled it off! :) So we spent the day bumming around Franklin, touring the Natchez Trace Parkway, and then headed out for a great dinner and fun that night. We ate at Bricktops with the two of them, the two of us, and our friends Nathan and Ben. Then off we went to Cadillac Ranch for some good old fashioned bull riding (one of the things on his list to accomplish before he turned 30). We had brunch the next morning and then Phillip and Fran headed back to Birmingham. What a great trip!

Phillip & Nate on the Natchez Trace Bridge

Lovin' that belly!

Cadillac Ranch - the only mechanical bull in Nashville - and he still has it!

Friends, fun, and CAKE! (German Chocolate...yummy!)

Monday was the big day, so we had brunch leftovers, then I surprised him with a couple's massage downtown at a great little spa. I'm telling you, it was great and if you haven't ever had one, you should definately do that thing! The only not so great part was that I had to have a "pre-natal" massage and couldn't turn on my belly or back, so it was all sides for me. But still a great treat. We had a good mexican dinner that night and then he opened his gifts - memory book included. Overall, a memorable 30th. As for the party? I'm just going to have to save that for some random birthday down the road to make up for it. Thanks to everyone who contributed...he loved everything about it and the memories he'll cherish for years to come. For more pictures of his birthday weekend, click here.


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