Monday, March 10, 2008

Baby Kicks

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged, making it a few weeks I’ve blogged about Baby Tabler (affectionately known in the family circle as “BT” until we have determined a name). Anyway, BT has been quite active these days and I’m beginning to think a more accurate name is Monkey. He seriously goes on these rampages – especially late at night or early in the morning – and his feet, hands, head, whatever it is, just come popping right out of my skin. You can see this little foot poking through my belly skin and it’s both the most amazing thing and the most freaky thing in the world when it happens. Well, maybe the first few times, but now it’s a regular occurrence, so I’m quite used to it. Nathan on the other hand, is not so used it to it and it still tends to freak him out from time to time.

The odd thing about his activity inside me is that as crazy as it seems, I know I am going to miss it once he’s outside of my body. I can’t describe the connection I feel to him, not only just because he’s there inside, but especially when I feel him kicking, moving, hiccupping, whatever. It’s one of those things that only lasts from like week 15 until the time he comes out. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones that was able to feel him early on in my pregnancy. My doctor says it is because I’m small and he has less places to move around since I’m smaller. I don’t really care why, I’m just glad I can feel him. I wish there was a way for me to describe this accurately. At first it felt like butterflies in my tummy. Then it went to feeling like bubbles popping. Now it feels like true kicks, pops, bumps. I can only imagine what it will feel like a few weeks down the road as my belly, and BT, continues to grow.

All the movement lately has been crazy! I can’t believe he’s so active. I guess that’s a good thing. But one thing it really has spurred in me is to give him his name. Not just so he has it when he comes out, but so he can hear it every day as I walk or run with him, pray for him, talk to him, ask him questions, read to him, play him music. I love to wake up first thing in the morning and feel his little growing body moving all around in there. You have to wonder what in the world he's doing...what he thinks about the movements I make, what he thinks about the food I eat, amongst other things. He's growing quite well from what the doctor says, so as the months pass by towards his arrival, I'm sure we'll only feel more of his anxiousness in getting out of there.

Our parents have been pretty crazy about the name thing (amongst other things), and it has kind of been driving me nuts because he’ll have a name when he has a name and no one really needs to worry about it other than Nathan and me. But I don’t say that, I just continue to play the game and in turn we’ll find a name (one of these days). I’m open to suggestions…just don’t get offended if we don’t choose your name!

My profile at 23 weeks - he was kicking in there as we took this weekly shot.


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