Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter

I love the spring. Mostly because it signifies the end of winter, but also because it means a blossoming of flowers, green leaves on the trees, lush green grass in my lawn, and beautiful sunny days that are actually warm enough to enjoy. So far, our spring has been beautiful and I can't wait as we dive deeper in. 

This weekend my parents came to visit us for Easter. They are the first of our family who have come to visit us in Nashville and see our home, life, friends, and enjoy it with us. Friday afternoon, they arrived after an early morning departure from Charlotte. We went to Mellow Mushroom to eat some good pizza and then walked around downtown Franklin for the remainder of the day. We came back and prepared a few things for brunch on Sunday and then headed out to a light dinner at Calypso Cafe (yummy!), a Nashville treat.

On Saturday we went to the infamous Babies 'R Us to finalize my registry and then ran WAY too many errands for the rest of the day. It was gorgeous and we took a detour on the Natchez Trace Parkway, so that was nice. We had a low-key dinner, then came back to finish preparing the items for Easter Brunch. 

Sunday morning we went to church then came back to the house to set up the brunch for the rest of the guests. It was fun and the food was great! If I do say so myself.  Mom and Dad left early early Monday morning (like, 3 a.m. early!) and we were sad to see them go. BUT, we had a great time and are already waiting for them to come back again.

The cute Easter table and the feast for the crew.

For more pictures of their trip and Easter weekend, click here.


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