Sunday, September 29, 2013

Yes, Aiden and Teagan have had grandparents for their short little lives. Yes, there has always been such a thing as "Grandparent's Day." Yes, we love our grandparents up in this house. And yes, our grandparents live super close so we get to see them quite frequently. But sadly, no, we have not ever had the chance to truly celebrate Grandparents Day with our beloved grandparents. This year we changed that habit.

GCA has a creative program including all the grades from Pre-K to 10th (as high as it goes right now) doing various performances, songs, drama scenes, etc. and we were able to attend with our very own Mimi. We greatly missed her other half, Paaa, but Mimi being there meant the world to all of us...and I think to her too.

After the program and a short time in Aiden's class, we were able to have a fun-filled rest of the day with all the things we love when Mimi is here - Panera (of course), playing outside, riding bikes, going to the park, drawing with chalk, naps! Besides baking, we did pretty much all of what we love to do with our Mimi. It was so fitting. It was so special. It was so fun to honor her. It was so memorable to simply "be" with her. It was also heart-heavy because in just a few short days, we know Mimi is moving to Florida and being this close to do all this fun won't be happening nearly as frequently.

So this Grandparents Day was a first and also a last. The first time we were able to celebrate, and the last weekend we were able to spend with our Mimi being close enough for us to see her at a moment's notice. It's the end of a chapter, but a beginning of a new one and we were able to kick it off with a fantabulous celebration and memory-filled few days of GQT (good quality time) - I have pictures all over my brain and heart, embedded for life, of this past weekend. I will choose to remember the happiness, the smiles, the fun, the silliness, the beauty, the joy, the love. The love. The LOVE. Love conquers all. Even a flight to Florida.