Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saying it's been far too long since I've blogged, that is. And I guess there is simply no excuse this time. Beyond having two kids under two, a full time job, a husband that works too many hours, and life to keep up with during the down time. It makes me wonder what it was I did with my time off before kids. Have I said that before? Yes, probably. Well, saying it again for reinforcement of how very true it is.

Catching up on things:
Mom and Dad came to visit for Labor Day and that was super fun. We got some amazing pics and had a great time together, grilling out, eating out, working out, and just spending time together. We hadn't seen them since mid-August, so it felt like forever even though it'd only been a month or so. Good times.

This is what Aiden and I look like most nights before bed, but hardly anyone ever gets to see it. Glad I have this shot.

Mom and I matched that day...and Aiden was along for the ride.

Checking out the butterflies in our yard.

Aiden is showing Bob "the Situation"!!!

Loving time with Mimi!

I love this picture of my sweet girlie!

Aiden is such a sweet brother to Teagan.

Daddy loves his Girl!

Aiden started "school" the first the first week of September and while it was rough, his adjustment has been much smoother than last year, which is utter refreshment. He only stays until lunchtime because they only nap an hour at school and if I bring him home to nap, my little sleeper will rest for 2 - 4 hours. I can't deny a growing boy that nap time when I, in fact, am completely jealous that he gets one. This naptime is indeed one way I am living vicariously through my kids. I hope it is the least offensive of all my attempts both now and in the future.

Luckily we had this shag cut a few days later...yikes!

My sweet boy.

Teagan turned 6 months in the middle of the month and is swimming right along in her half year of life. She is growing (slowly, but growing) and is a whopping 12 pounds. Whoop! My kids love to hang out on that 3rd percentile curve for most of their first year, making doctor visits incredibly "fun" as I get investigated as a parent. Ha! But she's now eating her share of "real" food and has dived right into that...likes almost everything with the exception of peas. But I think she'll come around. Maybe not. Either way, her blue eyes are stunners and she enamors just about everyone who meets her, much like her brother. She's such a happy and fun little one. Barely in 6 month clothes, and size 2 diapers still swim on her, but I'm just fine with that.

Nathan's work schedule as I alluded to earlier has been quite insane. Lots of late nights at the office, which are never fun for either one of us as sometimes a week can go by hardly seeing each other - and we live in the same house! Hopefully a promised job change (just around the corner) will provide some more time to work from home and less restrictions when he does. Thankful, though, that we both have jobs in this crazy time.

And me? Well, I am just doing dandy. It's stressful most days, working all day and then trying to manage the "witching hour" with my two kiddos, but I couldn't ask for better kids or better opportunity. I feel incredibly blessed. The adjustment to having two under two has come with it's fair share of learning curve to it and I feel there is much left to learn, but I am excited about that. I have been suffering from some pretty severe headaches for some time now and am set to see a Neurologist next week, about which I am nervous, but hopeful. They have prevented me from being as active as I like to be, and on some days even living normally for far too long now and I hope to have some answers very soon.

Whew. That's the basic update. Sorry to be so brief on each of the topics, but I felt better about that than putting it off any longer. I'm working on being more consistent. I hope it happens this time!