Thursday, March 27, 2008

Don't you wish sometimes you could just "feel" the day someone else is experiencing? Yesterday was one of the days I wished everyone could feel. No amount of descriptive words or fairy tale writing could describe the beauty that it was here today. It was that perfect mix of sun and shade, breeze and was warm, there was not a drop of humidity, and everything about it just exuded God's presence.

I actually stepped outside not having a clue what it felt like in an effort to make my way to the gym. But after about 5 steps outside, I decided to go for a run and enjoy the amazing afternoon instead. I'm really glad I did. It was on my run I wished I could let someone else feel this day I was experiencing, rather than just tell them, "It is awesome here today." After too many cold days here (in my opinion), it was a welcome reprieve to have a day like today. And in continuing that thought, I wish I could feel the days others get to have sometimes, too. Like this island my sister-in-law Jessica just went to...after seeing the pictures and hearing her retell the story of her weekend trip, I wish I could have just felt one day of what she was able to absorb.

It's amazing we all have such different paths of weather - from Texas where it's already hot, to Portland, where it's still raining, to New York where the chill still lingers, to the beaches where it's just perfect. And that's only in the U.S. Anyway, I was thankful for today, for the beauty that reminded me today is bigger than me and my worries. They will pass and a little bit of sun helped ease a whole lot of sad.


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