Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patchin' It

I know it seems like everyone we know is taking their kid to the pumpkin patch and making them pose and do all this stupid stuff in a field of pumpkins. We didn't want to be one of those people...and we really weren't, at least I'd like to think we weren't. Sweet Baby Aiden really did ask Nathan to take him to the pumpkin patch, yes, he is speaking quite audibly at 3 months. So we obliged his request and off we went. Lucky for us, we live across the street from a farm and there was a bevy of activity for the Fall season occurring there, so we just drove across the street and did our pumpkin patch thing. Yes, we live across the street from a farm, with cows, and fields of corn, and apparently piles of pumpkins, too! Craziness. But oh how I love it!

We did NOT dress him up...
We did NOT force him to lie in a collection of pumpkins...
We did, however, see lots of silly parents doing this to their poor unsuspecting babies and it made me so glad we refrained!

It was so cute...and so cold, but it was fun nonetheless. We took a few pictures in the pumpkin fields, walked around, and did the hayride. We skipped on the corn maze since Aiden was tired and can't really enjoy much more than the basics anyway. Regardless, it was a fun day and one we'll remember...not sure Aiden will, but we have pictures to remind him! You can see all the pictures from our visit by clicking here...but here are a few to capture the essence of the day.

Our best attempt at a family photo while riding on the hayride.

Sweet boys of mine.

A confused Aiden on the hayride...pretty lake on the farm.

Me and my cuddly boy.


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