Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Aunt Jessica's Visit

This morning Jessica drove through town on a trip from Pennsylvania, where she is in school, to Texas, where she was attending a conference. Though it was an early morning, and I do mean EARLY (like 6:30 am), it was well worth it for her to be able to meet Baby Aiden for the first time.

We met at the of our favorites (as you well know from past posts) and had a lovely breakfast before sending her on her merry way with her van of friends and before sending ourselve home to finish sleeping!

It was fun, and memorable...we're so glad she was able to go through town for such a random event, but it was great timing. And we got some great memories captured, mostly in our minds, but a few on film. You can see them here. Here's a little glimpse.

Our little family and Aunt Jessica!

Sweetness covered in Carolina Blue...not my choice, but they look cute!

So sweet.



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