Sunday, October 19, 2008

Limited Time Engagement

I am really late in putting this up here, but we had Aiden's three month pictures taken. We're having four picture sessions taken over the course of his first year and will create a panel of images with the four sessions, but will obviously order a few from each month's capture as well. There is an online gallery of photos, but it's only available for two weeks from the posting date. Sadly enough, as I write this nearly a week has passed, but it will still be available until October 29. So if you're reading this after that, they are more than likely down. But I just had to share how CUTE my little one is!! :)

We actually discovered he had an ear infection the same afternoon of this morning session, but they still turned out well considering. So here's my little cutie in his 3-month glory!


  1. the baileys said...
    kara, the 3 month pictures are just adorable... aiden is precious! thanks for sharing!!
    Daniel and Candice:The Beautiful Mess Photography said...
    these are great! :)

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