Thursday, October 9, 2008

A fun-filled few weeks

So there's lots to update on since I last wrote about Aiden sleeping for 11 hours, and sometimes even 12, which has continued despite a few unplanned interruptions. Over the past two weeks, Aiden got his first little cold (from the next door neighbor), I added another year onto my life (and took my last step into my 20's before heading into 30 years), had Parker and Meghan come visit, saw Willie Nelson in concert, visited with my great friend Beth (formerly a Nashvillian now residing in Austin with her 6-month old and hubby), and started back to work. As you might imagine, it's been rather full, and I haven't had the time to sit down and write, so I'm trying my best to catch up now. I have lots to say about the events, so hopefully we'll catch up one note at a time...stay tuned.

I'll just jot briefly about Aiden's first little cold, which hasn't been so fun. Poor little guy got cough and runny nose from the dumb girl next door who told me she'd washed her hands. Lesson learned: never believe a 12 year old when it comes to hand-washing. She wasn't sick at the time, but a few days later we heard she was laid up in bed. It was too late for Baby Aiden, though, who had a cough all night that same night. Poor little guy. So the cough became a runny nose, and off we were to buy a humidifier and saline drops. That little blue sucker from the hospital finally saw some good use, sad but true.

To add insult to injury the cold came down two nights before my birthday, so Thursday and Friday (b-day) were pretty much a bust and spent caring for my ailing little boy who had trouble sleeping (right after we'd hit our stride!) and couldn't breathe worth a lick. Anyway, I spent my birthday on the couch holding him upright so he could sleep and was really fun-filled.

BUT, my parents arrived that evening after Aiden went to bed to give Nate and I the chance to go out to dinner, which is always a nice treat no matter when it is, but especially on a birthday. So we went to our usual spot then came home for cake and ice cream and gifts. They stayed the remainder of the weekend and we had a great time, even though we all spent our time helping the little guy feel better. Mom stayed with us for the week after for me to have a helper for my start back to work...and that was that.

Now I'm 29 and one year closer to 30. No, I don't feel any different. Yes, I do hate odd-numbered years. Hopefully this will be a good one. Regardless, I'm entering into this year with the best gift ever - Aiden - and a whole new set of rules for myself as I walk into motherhood. Should be an adventure to say the least. One I'm glad and excited to be on with Nate by my side and Aiden on my hip. We'll see. I'll get some pictures up soon. Promise.


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