Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tiki Summer Showdown

today aiden attended his first party. it was a momentous occasion celebrated with those near and dear to us...well, really just a few people. but the par-doo was hosted by uncle taylor (taylor brooks) and a few of his friends. but aiden got to see taylor's girlfriend rachel who came to visit at the hosptial (see picture below), and uncle nathan (nathan postlethwait) who he can't go more than a couple days without seeing. while all aiden did was sleep, he seemed to be the hit of the hot summer party, also known as the tiki summer showdown.  how can anyone resist a completely adorable and utterly silent sleeping baby? i don't know many.

  rachel and aiden
  how can anyone resist this?? 

to top off the big day, we ventured to our favorite dining hot spot, bricktops. while we had the worst service of all of our many visits to this venue, the food was nonetheless remarkable as always. AND, to top it off, since i was no longer pregnant, i could partake in the awesome seared ahi tuna burger we love! 

a fun night overall, and proof to nathan that we can, indeed, have a life and a child. that, in and of itself, is worth far more than any dinner out! :) 


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