Sunday, July 6, 2008

Relaxing 4th

Well, after an anxiety inducing weekend last weekend, we were looking forward to either 1) having a baby during the Fourth of July weekend or 2) taking it so easy we almost forgot we were having a baby. With our bags packed and ready, we did everything we thought we might not have such an easy time doing once our little man arrived...and took advantage of our weekend together. 

After a few doctor visits last week and everything looking at least "okay" to send me into the long weekend without an induction, we took it as a sign to just enjoy the moment. Poor Nathan has had a kick-up in his work schedule, so things were really crazy for him during the week, and kind of made us both nervous if BT decided to come during the week or weekend, but here we are on Sunday and nothing yet. Thursday night we just relaxed and went out to eat a J. Alexander's, then headed home to watch a movie. We ended up watching the Olympic Trials since a friend of mine from college, Josh McAdams, was running in the 3000m steeplechase.  It was really incredible to see how much of a machine he has become since I knew him in college, but I am so impressed with his skill level and how he's excelled over the past few years to become one of the better-known athletes in his field. Really amazing. 

Friday we just hung out most of the day and took it easy. After our morning walk/run, we went to Panera for a little breakfast, then Target for a few last minute items, and then to the pool for most of the sunny afternoon. We grilled out some organic steak and chicken kabobs for dinner - AMAZING - and then just relaxed from the long day...

Saturday was much of the same, as was Sunday, only not as much pool due to the cloudy afternoons and other errands that took up some of the day. We did go to a movie on Saturday night, which was so fun...since we've had NETFLIX for some time now, we don't go out to the movies as often, but we love movies, so it was fun to go. Iron Man was the flick, not by choice, but we are so glad that was what we ended up seeing. It was so much better in the theatre than it would have been at the house and Robert Downey Jr. did an incredible job. If you haven't seen it, which I'm sure you all have, do it now while it's still in the theatre. 

That's about it...all that and no baby. Though I will say I spent a lot of this week being very impatient and wondering all too many things. I am so hyper analytical that it's sick and my mind was just going crazy. I didn't sleep a whole lot this week, and I figure if I am not sleeping, I might as well have an excuse (other than a fat belly) to do so...meaning, "this guy should hurry up and get here!" :)  Had we not spent all weekend in the hospital last weekend, I wouldn't have been so anxious, curious, or impatient, but all the while we were enjoying our relaxing weekend (one we knew would be our last as a single couple), my mind was wandering, filled with excitement, anxiety, fear, and anticipation...along with who knows what other emotions. So, as we head into this week, the week that is sure to be our last before BT, I'm doing what I can to just relax...and focus on the joy that God is about to bestow on us rather than the pain my body is about to incur!  Wish us luck.


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