Monday, July 7, 2008

The Final Countdown we go. Today is the last day of knowing myself as a married girl with no kids. Today is the last day it will just be Nathan and I. Today is the last day of looking at my pregnant body (with this pregnancy at least). Today is the last day we'll know of silent mornings and peaceful evenings (for a while at least). 

After our visit with the doctor this morning, the decision has been made for us to induce tonight, meaning I will more than likely deliver tomorrow morning (or mid-day depending on how long it takes). So tomorrow is the day we get to meet our son. Tomorrow is the day I will be a mom. Tomorrow is the day Nathan will be a dad. Tomorrow is the day we will be parents. Tomorrow is the day that will change the course of the rest of our lives. Not only is tomorrow our 3-year anniversary, it will also be the day our first child is born. And while I am a little bit sad that he will have to share the day and we will have to share the day, I am more excited than words could express about being a mom, meeting my son, being a parent, and knowing all the pain and joy that comes with it all. 

It's kind of odd knowing that you're going to be forced into labor and that you have a finite number of hours with which to spend your time. What should I do? What should I eat? What should I enjoy for the "last time"? What do I need to take note of that I haven't been so aware of up until today? I know there are things I would do, but in reality, the first thing that came to mind was 1) spend time with Nathan, and 2) go to the pool! :) I can't do the latter since it's on the verge of rain here and they close the pool for 30 minutes on either side of lightning, but I can spend time with Nathan, or at least as much as his workday allows. One thing it has made me think about is what Jesus felt as he counted the hours to his impending death. I simply can't imagine knowing when you're going to's bad enough knowing when I'm going to go into labor, which is nothing compared to that. I guess in both senses, though, there is LIFE on the other side of this hardship and pain. What I will endure in a few hours will be nothing compared to what He did for me (and for this little guy who hasn't even come into the world yet). It's all just a bit overwhelming to be honest. Good, but overwhelming. 

So we'll keep you posted. More than likely the next time I write on here I'll be at home with my little one...figuring out how to be a mom. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. 

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  1. the baileys said...
    nate & kara - we hope everything goes well & can't wait to see your baby boy! congrats & happy anniversary!

    kristen & brian

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