Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Week with Aiden

It is so hard to believe Aiden is already a week old. My how this week has flown by and my how much has happened in a matter of 7 days. A week ago, Aiden was still this unknown character in our lives, hanging out in my tummy waiting to make his grand entrance. Now, he's here, living in the world we have known for our 20+ years of life. His is just beginning. I wonder what all is going on inside his little head. He is so observant and always so alert. It amazes me how much he looks around and his curious face always makes me smile.  We're still trying to figure out who he looks like, and I guess only time will really be able to tell us that. 

In his first short week, he has been pushed into the world (literally!), met his parents, met his grandparents, been to our favorite Mexican restaurant, taken a trip the mall, gone on a few car rides, and seen  most of Nashville and Franklin by car.  How much more will he see and do over the next few weeks and months...and I'm sure before we know it we'll be measuring his accomplishments in years.

In his first short week, I have pushed Aiden into the world, undergone major surgery, seen my role venture from wife into wife and mother, learned how to feed a newborn, changed a ton of diapers, experienced a loss of sleep, and fallen in love all over again. How much more will I fall in love over the course of his life? How do I measure the greatness of this accomplishment? I can't. There are no words to describe it, no scales with which to measure it, and no way to express all that is involved in what we will embark on with Aiden's entry into life.  It's amazing and frightening all at once, but I can't wait to figure it all out, see it all come to life, and know the sheer joy and pain that comes with this journey. It should be interesting. 


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