Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flowers Make the Day

Guess what? We planted flowers today! It was so fun to see all the flowers we'd picked up over the past few weeks at Lowe's and various other places, collecting in an effort to make the outside of our house more "Springy" and fun. So my super-talented landscape-ready hubby laid everything out for us and we got to it. 

I will say it's amazing how fast 20 bags of soil conditioner (a.k.a mulch) will disappear in your yard! I mean, we probably need 20 more bags and we don't even have that big of a yard. How does that happen? Not sure, but whatever. Nathan can worry about that. We planted some beautiful flowers throughout our yard -where impatiens now rest amidst the azaleas, roses, hasta, japanese boxwoods, and other flowers. Being the gourmet cook that I am (not!) we also planted some herbs - rosemary, thyme, mint, cilantro, basil, and oregano - as well as one little patio tomato plant. We still have two really cute hibiscus trees to plant, and some other plants here and there, but all in all it's beginning to come together.

There's something about working in the yard and starting with an idea or an area and then seeing it all finished, or even almost finished, that just feels successful.  Maybe it's the playing in the dirt and giving yourself an excuse to get truly dirty without fear or repercussion, making you feel like a kid, that makes it so exhilarating, but there's just something about it all that makes for a spectacular day. It was fun to spend the day in our yard, seeing Nathan in his shorts and cowboy boots, and planting little pieces of beauty designed to add "flair" to our corner of the world. 


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