Thursday, April 3, 2008

Beth's Baby Joy

I really hadn't planned to do a "baby update" today or anytime this week, only because I'm goin to the doctor on Tuesday and was planning to wait until then, but alas, the moment presented itself in my day and rather than talk about something deep and passionate, I thought I'd jot down this fun little update. One of my best friend's, Beth, had her baby yesterday. She, too, was pregnant with a boy (and I can say boy in these entries now because the last of those who didn't want to know, my brother, now knows the sex of the baby - NO MORE SECRETS! - and what a relief it is!). I say "was pregnant" because she just delivered a healthy baby boy this afternoon at 5:20 pm. His name is Ryder and he came into the world at a healthy 8 lbs, 2 oz., and 21 inches long. She had some minor complications during her last few weeks, so they went ahead and induced her early so she could alleviate any more risk. But we are all glad to know he is here, and healthy, and that mom and dad are doing just great. What a miracle this whole thing is.

Beth's new baby boy - Ryder Marcus Allen

It just got me thinking about all the steps necessary and all the things that lead up to that one huge moment, labor, when they go from being in this dark and quiet safe little fluid-filled world, to an environment that is bright, loud, and always going. People will be looking at him, which he can't experience from the belly...I get that joy of people staring at my big fat belly all the time, so I guess it's allowed me to empathize with him and what he'll experience his first few months of life. It's pretty overwhelming at times, and who knows what they are thinking when they come out...we just know what we feel, and amidst the joy and elation, I'm sure there are moments of "holy crap, what now?!?" Regardless, it's an amazing time of life. I can't wait for my little guy to be here, especially now that I'll be seeing her baby joy for the next few months while mine anxiously kicks away for his turn. I'm sure I'll have an update of my own on Tuesday after my visit, but for now, I'm just relishing in Beth's baby joy and pondering the arrival of my own!


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