Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Look (at BT)

Precious BT, who is all kinds of crazy in my belly these days. We had our 28/29 week check-up today and due to my small belly size, my OB recommended that I have an ultrasound at my next visit (this one) to make sure everything was going okay inside. It was kind of exciting to be able to see the little guy again since we hadn't seen him since our 18 week visit when we found out the baby was a "he" and not a "she." Most of the time, ultrasounds aren't done again unless there are risks to the baby or the mom, so while it kind of made me nervous, it made me glad that we would at least know whether or not everything was okay at the end of the visit. 

Turns out all was fine indeed. Other than my fluids being on the low side of normal, he's growing well and even weighed in at 2.13 lbs. Apparently, he does have a large head, which apparently is normal too, but still, it made us wonder if he was cute or just weird-looking with a big head!  It's so neat to see how much he has grown in the course of the last ten weeks. Just amazing how God designs this process inside of a woman's belly and grows another human minute by minute in perfect timing for their arrival into the real world. I am not quite sure how you can experience this side of giving life and not believe there is a God. Being able to see his arms and legs, head and nose, even his tongue coming out to get something to drink...it was all just an incredible thing to see rather than just feel (which I do all the time with this little soccer star I am grooming!).

All is well in BTs little world, but the doctor wants me to have another ultrasound in two  weeks to check my fluid levels and BTs growth. If there is any change, then we'll deal with it then...but for now, I'm just enjoying being in this part of the process. Taking it one day at a time, just like he does as he grows. 


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