Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baby Shower Fun

This weekend we went back to Charlotte for a baby shower (first!). And what an adventure it was. We had to pack for two weeks because we were staying in Charlotte for the week after the shower to attend the Wachovia Championship, then leaving from Charlotte for our last trip before Rosemary, our favorite getaway. Needless to say, packing was an event in and of itself, but we finally figured it out and made it in time for a really great week, which started off with my first baby shower.

Lisa, Christy, Debbie, and Hadley (who got stuck on in NYC) were my incredible hostesses and they put on such a fun shower. It was great being back in Charlotte and getting to see some faces I hadn't seen since we found out we were expecting. Mom's CCS crew of ladies, some church and high school friends, and even my manager, Marye Pat, was able to be there despite her insane schedule. I loved every minute of it and we had a great time. The menu was great and the cake was adorable (thanks to Christy and her pastry chef friend in Raleigh!). 

We received some great and much needed gifts including our bedding from Pottery Barn, which we are so thrilled about! I can't wait to see it in the room, which unfortunately won't be for a while due to the fact that it so happened to be on back order. Oh well, as long as it's here before BT, we're good to go.  All in all a very successful (and tiring!) day. It was literally an all-day event, but it was well worth it and I'm only sad my family and friends from other cities couldn't be there to share in the day.  Here are some pictures.

  Mom, me, and Christy (with her cute PIC line for surgery the next day) and the awesome cake! It was so good!!! 
My mom and I and the hostesses with the most-ess! Christy, Lia, and Debbie...

My "small" batch of gifts...that took FOREVER to get through. But it was worth it!
 This gift was the BOMB! It's my new diaper bag and is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I literally cannot wait to use it.
   My mom and Stacy went in to get me this cute little night time lambie and our crib bedding. It's so cute! And this little basket was a great way to present it. 

CeCe and Mia - they are so excited, too! 


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