Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine Fun

Mimi and Paa came to town this weekend, which was GREAT fun since Nathan and I had not seen them since Christmas and the kids hadn't seen them since the weekend we were in Phoenix. We all were in need of a little family time. It lets everyone get some "fun" on and gives Nathan and I at least one solid night of great rest - both of which are wins for us! Some good date night fun was had as well!

Friday night Nathan and I went to grab Chinese and enjoyed a nice time catching up after our week. Saturday I went to Spin in the morning then we went all around town running errands for the fam, had lunch at McAlister's and then went to grab some things for Teagan's birthday party next month. That night, NT and I hit up Franklin Mercantile for their winter special before heading over to hang out with some of his colleagues. A nice casual, fun weekend. We all spent Sunday at our usual Panera and said sad goodbyes to Mimi and Paa as they went home to K-ville. Hoping we can one day be closer, for sure! We miss them so much when they are away.

Sunday it was actually beautiful outside so we spent a lot of the day playing outside with the kids and they had a blast...and took GREAT naps! :) Fun!! We deserve a bit of a break from this nasty weather, so the warm sun was nice for a change.  Aiden and I made cookies for his class for V-day. He did such a good job and was so great at helping decorate and stir. He's getting so big. This makes me very sad. But he is also so much fun and such a joy. I can't wait to see him grow into a three year old.

Monday was Valentine's Day and I got the kids shirts to wear with their names on them. Both big enough to wear for this year and next year (hopefully!). Aiden had a V-day party at school, so he was excited about that and Teagan had a day full of cookies and candy here at home. Nathan sent me flowers. Mom and Dad sent us cookies. Our house was FULL of treats. NT came home early from work and whipped up a phenomenal dinner for me and we enjoyed that and a movie for a spectacular date night in. I am so very blessed. And even though every day around here is filled with love, it's amazing to realize how much love there is and how very lucky we are to have so much of it given and to give. I am thrilled with my life, my family, my loves, my everything, and am so thankful God allows me to wake up every day and enjoy it.


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