Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Sickies

This week was the week from down under at our house. After a great week with Aunt Kiki visiting, we were preparing for a weekend in Birmingham until little dude came down with a naaaasty ear infection out of the clear blue sky. Not sure where it came from, but he didn't have hardly any symptoms other than a "leaky" eye for a day. Go figure. I had a feeling my little petrie dishes of kids were in for a fun weekend and week ahead. And boy, was I right! But this time they let the whole family in on the fun!

After taking Aiden to the pediatrician on Thursday and getting the ear diagnosis, Teagan woke up the next day with a leaky eye and runny nose. Awesome! Fun! Yeah! Not.  Obviously we were not going anywhere but to sick town for the weekend. By Sunday, Aiden was feeling a little better, but Teagan was in full swing with whatever he'd had and just miserable. Sunday night, Nathan began feeling ill, but the kind of ill that meant he'd be spending all night praying to the porcelain throne in one way or the other. Sure enough, Super Bowl Sunday he spend hugging that seat all night. So far so good with Mom being healthy...until 5 am Monday morning when Teagan got up to eat. I went up to feed her and spent the whole time planning my strategy for how to handle her while I casually made my way to their toilet to take care of business. Luckily I was able to feed her, get her back down to bed, and make it back downstairs with no event. I told Nathan I was sick and he was obviously thrilled. :) Looked like a fun day.

So I was able to get back to sleep for a short time, but when Aiden woke up at 7, just an hour after I'd fallen asleep, I knew I had to make it fast to my own porcelain throne or else our white carpet was going to be in for it. If you've ever been "that" kind of sick, you know how purely awful it is. AWFUL. I had the lucky fortune of being struck with the feeling of having to pass out amidst my affair and did my very best to make it to the floor so I wouldn't get hurt...I tried banging on the wall to NT who was upstairs managing the kids but it was too late. I woke up on the floor in a sweat with a bloody head. Awesome way to start the week. Happy Monday. I spent the next 12 hours sick as a dog and not able to keep down even ice chips. This is the worst kind of sick. The worst.  But in 12 hours, almost on the dot, I was able to think about eating some saltines, and they stayed down. PRAISE!

The funny part about being "throw up sick" is that during those 12 - 24 hours, you wonder how and if you will ever eat again. You vow to never eat again. And while I will say that for at least the 24-48 hours following, I was very scared to eat again, it's amazing how quickly you begin to introduce yourself to food and food that actually stays put where it's supposed to. It is the oddest thing to deal with. But I will also say, that a huge kudos to my main man, hubby, and rock on daddy for taking care of me, my two sick kids, our house, and his job all in one day. Having just had the sickies himself, I know he didn't have energy or stamina to do it, so I am so incredibly blessed and thankful he made the strides and picked up my slack. He is amazing and I am so very grateful someone was able to take care of everyone enough for me to not worry.

We spent Tuesday bleaching everything, disinfecting everything, and downright resting and made it out of the woods with the sickies on their way out. By today, we are drying up the noses, and clean inside and out (house AND body!) and hoping for NO MORE sickness the rest of this season and maybe a while longer. We have stayed out of the woods of sickness for so long and I think this was payback in one short week of awful-ness. VERY glad it's over and gone. On to a new start....

(P.S. I will spare you any pictures of how awful we all looked this week. Just take my word for it and be grateful.)


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