Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness

...and so it begins. Although in our house it's less about basketball and more about new jobs, birthdays, trips, school functions, and all around craziness. March is the month we'll celebrate Nate's birthday, my dad's birthday, Kari's birthday, Andrew's birthday, my sister-in-law's birthday, and this particular March it's month we'll celebrate my baby girl's first birthday. Whew! After that I'm tired. Add in a party to throw for her, a photo session, a race, and a quick trip and March is furiously passing by before it's even begun.

This week I'm gearing up for Nathan's birthday. We'll celebrate with our little family on Thursday (his actual birthday) and then we have a fun thing planned with some friends and some of his co-workers this weekend. All in all it should be a fun week and fun way to kick off March as we get ready to welcome SPRING and some hopefully warmer temperatures. After the winter we've had, I am more than ready for some sun!!

I did begin a new job yesterday, which is totally a God-thing and something I am beyond grateful for. In this terrible job market and this fluctuating economy, I feel ever-blessed to have found a job at the 11th hour. Yesterday was the day I was supposed to end my previous job and instead of it being the worst day ever, it ended up being the best day ever as I got to start a brand new job. Daunting, yes...as it's in a totally new industry within the Bank, but incredibly exciting as well.

Again, God proves my worry to be invalid and without necessity as He pulls through in awesome wonder and precise timing to provide a need for me and for our family. It makes me wonder why we still doubt  his greatness and goodness to us when we have all of these historical times in our lives to reflect upon and remind us of his faithfulness...and yet we do. I guess that's part of being human. And while I spent weeks sick with anxiety and nervousness about what the future would hold, I sit amazed and in wonder of the glorious provision He bestowed on us without even so much as a warning. I literally blinked...and there it was. A job. For me. Just like I asked. Grateful. Blessed. Overwhelmed. Wow.

A-mazing! Can't wait to dive into this month and have a lot of fun!


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