Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Frenzy

It's February 1. Where did January go? Wherever it went, one thing I know....First Birthday preparations are in full swing.  Outfits to be ordered. Gifts to be bought. Cakes to make. Fun times to be had. And we are all very excited (and at the same time very sad) that our baby Teagan is turning ONE.

I just booked little miss with her one year session pictures, and that alone is enough to make me sad. But, there is so much fun to be discovered as she learns to speak, walk, run, and engage as she learns what's new with being one. Should be a fun year for us all with a blooming one year old and a soon to be three year old, who knows what fun we'll be having.

This week we got to have "Aunt" Kiki come stay with us for a few days and play. It was so fun to have her here and we had a blast ordering things for the birthday and just catching up. I wish we lived closer, but an so grateful for the ability to see her often since we do live relatively close. Aiden loves it when she comes because she always brings treats. This time it was cookies! And yummy cookies they were.

It was a great first week to the month of love...more fun and love to come...I hear the little one waking up as I speak.


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