Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Day New Year

It's 2008...where did 2007 go? While I'm not really sure where it went, I do know mine was quite full of things I failed to capture due to a lack of  journaling and keeping up with myself and the goings on of life. However, to amend this dilemma in 2008, I have set in my mind to pursue writing more often (4 - 5 times per week at minimum). It may be in form of a journal entry, blog, or just some quotes or scripture I came across during my day, but I don't want another 365 days to pass without capturing what I am going through, experiencing, thinking, and how I'm growing amidst it all. Other than that, I don't have any "New Year's Resolutions" per say as to me, it seems like only another way to fail before I even start something. So that's it. Write more. Done.


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