Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's snowing

Happy New Year 2008! It's snowing in Nashville (well, Franklin, but it's really all the same). What a great way to welcome in the new year with something that puts a smile on everyone's faces. 

As I watched the neighbor children get bundled up with their dad's and come outside to see what snow was, I was excited to think about this time next year...we'll have a little one ourselves who will be able to view the awe of snow. Who knows what that will look like (the child and the experience), but how exciting nonetheless. 

I have been feeling great with the pregnancy and am just over 13 weeks. My next Doctor's appointment is next week (14 weeks) in Charlotte and I probably will need to figure out how to tell my boss (Marye Pat) the big news.  I am anxious to see how he/she has grown since my last visit and I can't wait to be able to find out whether it is a girl or a boy. Picking out a name will at least become easier in that it will narrow down our choices - if even by a little.  Still praying for Nathan and his ability to "be on board" with the new arrival, but know God will take care of that in His time. 


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