Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Today I went to the doctor and mom came along. It was her first trip to my OB's office and I was meeting with OB #3 in the practice. I really wanted her to be able to see the baby, but due to the late notice of my call that morning, they couldn't squeeze it into my visit. Oh well, next time. So, the doc and I just chatted - she was very nice and had some great advice as well as some good insight about things I'm experiencing. Not like morning sickness, because luckily, I have skinned by that part of pregnancy. But instead, my skin decided to go crazy during my first trimester. It should have been a key indicator to me that I was pregnant, because my skin has always been nearly flawless most of my life. Don't get me wrong, I have had my occasional pop-up, but nothing like what I've had the past few weeks. It's been drama and I feel like a teenager. Anyway, the OB consoled me by letting me know my case was very mild and that I should do this and that, but not over-react as it would go away very soon. Me, overeact? Never. Well, maybe occasionally.

Anyway, after all that she did have her handheld device with her and as she strode towards me I began to cringe at the cold jelly she was about to put on me. Gosh, I hate that stuff. :) She put her device right there and there it was...the most beautiful heartbeat one could ever imagine. A whopping 155 bpm. Pretty amazing. Mom, of course, was in tears. Such a sweet grandma (Mia, K-K, whatever she calls herself) she will be. The doctor seemed to think that the combination of my skin craziness and the higher heartbeat of the baby may indicate that it's a girl. She said her she has one of each and her son was lovely to her, but her daughter made her skin go crazy...something about the duality of hormones floating around in my body, but who knows. Most people I have talked to said the lack of morning sickness may indicate that it's a boy. All of it's sheer speculation for a few more weeks when we actually get to find out what it is in there, but until then, we'll just have fun guessing.

What amazes me is that this little person, who is the size of a mere lemon right now, has a heartbeat that beats more than twice as fast as mine. My RHR is around 60 - 65 on a bad day and this little tiny person's heart is going at a phenomenal rate...just pounding away. So here is this little being, with a crazy heart rate, who has fingernails and toenails, who is learning how to suck their thumb and pee (thanks for the double peeing!) and if it's a girl, who has all the eggs she will ever have in her life, the list goes on...that is just growing away inside me. Though I don't really "show" to most people, all of these things "show" in such an amazing way in and through me. I cannot wait to see what I'll look like in a few more months. Right now, at 14+ weeks, I look like the skinny girl who ate too many donuts. I think I'm ready for this phase to pass, and can't wait to see the little person again. Just two weeks...


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