Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's In A Name?

So yes, here we are, a maximum of two and a half weeks from welcoming our baby girl into the world and we have no name. You heard me, no name. She's been BGT since we found out it was a girl oh so many months ago, and now here we are at the end of the road and she remains nameless other than her initial moniker. With Aiden we took a trip, decided on a name, and that was that. I mean, we changed it from the name we originally chose to Aiden the week after the trip, but we still had a mission to decide and did it. This time, amidst careful deliberation and discussion, we have yet to come to any real decision.

We set up criteria, that was careful and specific, in order to help make our decision easier. We even narrowed the list of 50 down to 10, but still with no real "gut" feeling on what to do. As we now near her birth, we are faced with a monumental and life changing decision. Naming our child. The pressure alone can wreak havoc on someone's emotional state, let me tell you. Throw in a dose of good ol' pregnancy hormones and a 20 month old who never stops (never!) and it makes making a decision one monumental task.

I think the thing that plays into the decision the most is our desire for her name to mean something, really mean something, to us. Whether it's because it was a part of our name(s), or because of heritage, or because of a person who influenced us, or whatever it is, we just want it to be meaningful. We want it this way so that when she is older (like whe she turns 13 and decides she'd rather be named Kim instead of Khloe) we can express to her the meaning of her name, why she has it, and at least provide her with some solid reasoning to back up our decision and hopefully allow her to find a great appreciation not only for her name, but for the incredibly awesome parents we are who took the time to give it to her! :)

So, while I wish I could provide you with a decision, all I can tell you is that we are very close and hope to finalize all those little itty bitty details this week as we prepare for her arrival (very soon!). Just know that if you hate it, we don't care. :) Her name was thought about, prayed about, and decided upon with great care for who she is and will be as a woman of God and our little gift! So there. :)

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  1. The Skippers said...
    I love it! I feel like I can picture you sticking your tongue out as you wrote this. Whatever the precious little baby's name is, will be perfect. You did a great job with the first! We love you guys!

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