Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Fun

This Easter, we had one more miracle to celebrate with our family...Baby Teagan. It was very special having her arrive just in time for this special day. My parents came to town for the week prior to Easter for some much needed extra hands at our house. Balancing the challenges of a newly formed family of four were proving challenging, so the extra help was awesome. The weekend prior to Easter, our neighborhood held an Easter Egg Hunt in the Great Lawn. We took Aiden last year (he was 9 months old!!) and while he did look at eggs, he didn't really "get it" last year. This year was a whole other story. He was ALL OVER the eggs, and his pace picked up even more when he realized there was chocolate in some of the eggs! The boy LOVES chocolate!! He did such a great job collecting eggs in his basket and eating the candy afterwards. Such a fun thing to watch as we all live vicariously through his enthusiasm and zest for life.

While we were outside, we also had some pictures taken of Teagan in hopes of capturing a picture for her birth announcement.  It was a very sweet time and Aiden ran the castle while we took some pictures. Then Nate was off to storm a castle of his own by caulking and cleaning gutters with a ginormous 28-foot ladder that nearly manhandled him a few times. Thank goodness RD was there to step in and help him move it a few times. That thing made me nervous. And for someone afraid of heights, I was shocked to see him take more than two steps on the ladder.  Anyway, he got the job done and the house was spic and span.

We did all kinds of fun things the week they were here, and were sad to see them go, especially since they were taking our little man with them for a couple days. Always sad to see him go, though we know how much more rest we'll get when he's gone! He celebrated Easter Sunday in style with my parents and had a grand time with Mimi and Pah while we celebrated with Teagan in all her newborn glory. Such a great time to be thankful for all we are blessed with and recognize the one who gave us all we have through such an incredible sacrifice. We are living proof of a living God.


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