Thursday, April 9, 2009

Either that, or Aiden's nine months old. How in the world we got here, I'll never know. Hard to believe that at this time last year, this little dude wasn't even in our worlds and now he's the biggest (and best) part! He's nearly walking, "talking" up a storm, and is still the same bundle of laughing, joyous energy he always has been as his personality continues to explode!

Luckily I still have this cute little peanut of a boy. After his nine month checkup, he's still hanging out at the bottom of his weight curve, around a pound a month. But if you saw this boy eat you would wonder how in the world he's only 16 pounds! I often wonder myself. It never ceases to amaze me that as soon as he finishes eating he can continue as if he'd never eaten a thing. Where he gets this, I am not sure...but I am thinking I'm going to have a little helper in the kitchen before long! I can't tell you how much this excites me!
I love this age he is. He's so curious, so excited about everything, and in such a discovery mode. It's really neat to watch him learn how to do things, watch things work, discover chain reactions and cause and effect, etc. We had Mommy and Me swim at our neighborhood pool and despite being the only one under 2 in his little group, he did swimmingly! We had a fun time each day in the pool as we learned new games, dipped under water, tasted the saltwater pool, did the backstroke (in our unique baby way), and just experienced the fun of the water. It makes me really look forward to the beach in a few weeks...yes, weeks!! Summer is almost here and I can hear the waves beckoning us. Can't wait to share that with you!
Our buddy Jacob was in town on business, so he came to stay with us for the night and had fun playing with Aiden.
And Reagan always stops by on her afternoon bicycle ride to say hello and "hold" baby Aiden. She's asking to hold him cute!


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