Monday, April 6, 2009

Westhaven (our neighborhood) had a huge Easter Egg Hunt April 4, so baby Aiden got to experience the thrill of finding eggs and discovering what that bunny was all about. It was fun to see him out with all the children and holding each egg gently with care, inspecting it all around and making sure it was fit to be in his basket. Despite it being slightly chilly that morning, it was a gorgeous day for the hunt.

We were lucky enough to have Nate's parents in town visiting that same weekend, so they were able to celebrate in the festivities with him and it was a fun day all around. After the hunt, we walked around the neighborhood and visited some of the open house homes and let Aiden walk around in them...since that's his new thing...and he has to do it all the time! It tuckered him out, so it was back for naps, then off to dinner at our favorite mexican joint, Pueblo Real, where everybody really does know our name.

The Tablers left the following morning and Aiden spent the rest of the weekend playing with his new found love of plastic Easter eggs. It's so hard to imagine that at this same time last year he wasn't even here, and this same time next year he'll be almost two years old! How quickly these times fly by when we are in the midst of them. It excites me for him to discover the real meaning behind Easter and watch the joy he has now magnify itself thousands of times over. He is such a joy and full of life and makes me appreciate every second.


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