Friday, April 10, 2009

My little hiatus

It's been a while since I've blogged anything, which isn't to say I haven't had anything to say, Lord knows that never happens. I just needed a break in more ways than one and didn't really feel like writing much of it down. The past few weeks (well, months, really) have been quite crazy and in fact, downright overwhelming, so I just didn't really take time to blog about it. More than likely, I'll let it all be water under the bridge and just catch up to speed on what's going on now, but we'll see.

Since we have been back from Colorado, the weather has ushered us from cold to warm, the back to cold and back to warm. Oh the joys of spring in Middle Tennessee. We've braved our share of tornado sirens already and Aiden and I had a big scare one late afternoon when hail was about the size of golf balls. Of course, it was right at dinner, so I ended up taking all of it into our safe room (our closet!!) and finishing it there. Hopefully he didn't pick up on how scared I really was to be all alone in such a storm. I was brave!

Nathan has been traveling quite a bit - was in Phoenix for 12 days straight in fact. I always say, "Poo" on those types of trips. His work keeps him super busy for sure.

When he got back I headed to Charlotte to do some things at the office. Some good, others not so good. Regardless, it was good to be back albeit a bit depressing. The unemployment rate there has skyrocketed and the whole city seems to be in a constant state of head down. It's kind of sad, but it makes me really understand another reason God has us here. I don't have to see that every day or be one of them.

It's been a month of ups and downs as I said before and the drama never ceases to amaze me. As much as I try to avoid it in my life, it manages to find me one way or the other. Thank goodness God gave me a sweet baby boy who will hopefully have only a fraction of the drama a girl would have brought with her. He really knows what we need at the time we need it.


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