Tuesday, September 2, 2008

 There he is...my sweet baby boy as we sit on the patio waiting for Mimi and Poppy to arrive for the long weekend....

Looking at him, it's hard to believe Labor Day is already here. It seems like just a few weeks ago we were here in Nashville - visiting our friends for a laid back Labor Day. We hung out with Beth and Daniel and heard their story of their impending move to Austin, recent pregnancy first hand. We hung out with Taylor, who we hadn't really hung out with since he'd moved to Nashville. We met a bunch of people and it seems like every single person asked us when we were moving to Nashville. At the time, we had no intentions of any such thing, but after that visit, we left feeling more and more like God was doing something in our lives and calling us here, to Music City of all places. It's funny, because Nathan never really liked Nashville before that visit last Labor Day, but he joined me on the plane back to Charlotte as we pondered what God was doing in our hearts. 

Here we are, a year later. We went home that weekend, prayed lots and lots, and within two months were living in our awesome neighborhood in Franklin.  Thinking back to that time, it's amazing to see the path we've traveled. Among other things...
- Doctors had told me for two years we couldn't have kids...the week we closed on our house, we found out we were pregnant. 
- I worked at Wachovia's headquarters in Charlotte...and was given permission to move and telecommute to work for the time we were here.
- We found a house we loved and were able to move into it just ONE month after we found it.
- We were in the process of building a house...which finally sold this past month.

Here we are. Living, loving, and watching the incredible works God has done over the past year. We have a house, a son, family living closer, great friends, good jobs, and have been on an amazing journey. 

Now Aiden is almost 2 months old - he'll hit the mark on Monday, though he is 8 weeks this week. and Mimi and Poppy (my mom and dad) are here visiting again. We spent the weekend baking, grilling out, running a race, and just enjoying each other - watching Aiden's funny faces and ways all the while. It was fun...and one to remember and reflect on, even though I can't say for the same reasons the holiday was originally intended. Regardless, at least I was reverent!

My Dad, Taylor, and Rachel ran the Franklin Classic 5k with us...my first race after a real LABOR DAY!!!

 Nathan and his one track mind!! Even after a race!

  Me and my boy after an evening run with Mom and Dad...Poppy holding Aiden before the evening jog.


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