Monday, September 22, 2008

Chick-Fil-A 5k

Oh the joy and pain of road racing. I am not much of a runner, never really have been, but right before I got pregnant, I finally found myself enjoying the sport of running. I know, most of you would never consider running a sport, nor do you likely enjoy it, but if you watched any piece of the Olympics, I'm sure you'd have a different opinion. Those track and field maniacs have insane work ethic, wicked body structure, and crazy fast legs. It's an amazing thing to see in action...way better live than on TV, but still quite amazing on TV. So anyways...back to the topic at hand. Where was I?

Oh yeah, right before I got pregnant, I actually enjoyed running and was finding myself getting a bit faster than I had been in the past without really trying too hard. That was kind of fun and I even finished a race and placed third in my age group at a 5k with a 22:17 time. I started considering running a half marathon in the winter of that year, then I found out I was there went that plan. Don't get me wrong, I still ran, and even did a race while pregnant, but it's just not the same. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I couldn't wait to get the "ok" from my doctor to run again, so when the time came, I was off. 

But, much to my dismay, it was quite difficult to run.  If you read my previous post on that topic, you'll find out I was pretty disappointed. I felt like I'd never get my legs back. And I really thought never. Realistic? No. Sooooo Kara? Yes. 

Anyway, we ran a race over Labor Day in Franklin and it was huge. Tons of people, and despite hating every second of it, and really laboring (imagine that, on Labor Day) through the event since I didn't have my inhaler on hand, I at least finished. My goal was sub-30:00...and we crossed in 25:04. Am I proud of my time? No, because I hurt the entire race and didn't take the time to enjoy it. Am I proud I finished? Yes. Quite proud. I ran it for my 8 week old Aiden. :) 

I didn't know quite what to expect at another race, but I found this Chick-Fil-A 5k online and knew it would be a small race. But I had a few other things in my favor: 1) it was at my old alma mater, Belmont University; 2) it was an evening race, which is typically when we run with Aiden most of the time. With these two things in my so-called corner, I figured it'd be a good one to do. And I finished in nearly record time, a whopping 22:35...just a few seconds off my pre-preggo pace! While it's still nothing to brag about, I was pretty pleased to have beaten the Labor Day time by nearly 3 minutes and come in second in my age group. Yes, second. If you don't believe me,  you can see the results here.  AND...for those of you who are wondering...I won a $25 gift certificate to Chick-Fil-A which I may never see since we had to leave before the awards...poor Aiden was a little scared by all the lights, sounds, and we had to take off.
I know, that was a WAY longer story than necessary just to talk about a race I ran this weekend, but I just felt like God was proving me wrong in those few minutes. After all my doubt and uncertainty, lack of faith and self-deprecation over something so silly as my ability to run, I was able to bust a move on some people. It was exhilarating to finish the race and have Aiden and Nate at the finish line cheering me on...not because I was running fast, but because they were proud of me. How much more does our Father cheer for us! On a daily basis, whether the task be large or small, significant or not, He cheers. Amidst all our doubt and fear, frustration and anger, He is our ally, our strong provider, and our biggest fan. Why do I always forget this? Maybe this will help me remember...and just enjoy my 10-week old baby boy and my ability to even move my legs, much less finish a race!
 Post-race Kara (happy and pain-free)
   My two men...and biggest fans. Well, my only fans. 


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