Monday, June 2, 2008

After a nice "free" Memorial Day weekend, we got to spend this weekend holed up in a classroom for two days. Everyone yell, Yippee! As much as we were not looking forward to restriction from the pool and sitting in uncomfortable chairs all day, it was better than option 2, which was six consecutive weeks of classes at 3 hours each. Yikes! With as much reading as I've been doing, I felt pretty confident we'd know what to expect and have all our questions answered with the long weekend class. So, give it up, we did...all for the sake of BT. We are also scheduled to attend a Comfort in Labor Class, but since we all know that is an oxymoron in and of itself, we opted not to attend that class. Heck, it's going to be painful, so why try and fool myself into thinking it won't be. 

I will say that going into the class, I had spent a few days with random and infrequent "panic attacks" about becoming a mom, the labor process, freaking out about whether or not I (we) can do this, etc...basically the process in and of itself, so I wasn't so much looking forward to diving into those freak-outs full force.  Day one was pretty basic information, but all in all very helpful. We learned all about the process from beginning to end, what happens with your body during and after pregnancy, what kind of things to expect during the three stages of labor, how your partner can be supportive, medication options available, how to nurse, how to bottle feed, how to hold a baby, what to pack for the hospital, what NOT to pack for the hospital, etc. I could go on. But the instructor was great and a former labor nurse with lots of good info and very practical advice. And unlike our breastfeeding instructor, she did not say "pacific" when in fact she meant specific. Day 2 was started off with a discussion about C-sections and I will say this part kind of freaked me out. After watching three ladies go through labor from beginning to end on the previous day, watching and learning about this process did not leave me in a good place. I certainly don't want a C-section. Though I know I will do it if it's the only way the little guy will come out, I really deep down feel as though I will be one of those women who feel like a failure if they have to give birth via this method. I'm not sure why that is. I mean, after all, I am a small person, and I am growing a large baby (large being relative in my case since we all know he is a pint sized thing). And though it really shouldn't matter how he enters into the world, after seeing this, it is not my first choice to have it be this way. Okay, enough on that. 

We were able to have a very relaxing next hour by taking a tour of the hospital. Well, not the whole hospital, but the labor units and the units that would be most important to us as birthing couples. We saw a standard L&D room (nice and fairly roomy), followed by the little nursery (where there were only three new babies - but how small and cute they were!), and of course the recovery room where we'll be after the labor portion. We ended with learning how to swaddle Baby, and practicing breathing and relaxation techniques. Though this seemed awfully silly, I know it will be helpful when we try to recall what the heck to do in a few weeks when I'm screaming my head off in agony. Maybe then I'll reconsider my "no drugs" policy, but until I get there, I'm sticking with it. No drugs. I'm putting it in writing...there. Done.  No drugs. I think most of the people in my life know I can do this, but there are those few that have their doubts and have placed bets about how long it will go before I finally give in to the drugs. What I have said to that is: "Unless it is medically necessary and little BT will not come out unless I have to have some form of drug applied, I will not do, take, or have anything applied or inserted that contains any drug." And that's that. 

All in all a very informative, yet very long weekend. We didn't have much of a weekend and spent Monday feeling jipped from not having a weekend, but we finally got over it. After watching all of the labor and the labor process and hearing all of the information (I love information - I'm like a stinking sponge!) I feel a lot more prepared and a lot more confident. I left saying, "Hey, I can totally do this!" And with Nathan, who is such a great partner and supportive person at my side, I know I can do it. It's just like running a marathon, only it hurts just a little bit more.  I mean, I won't really want to run for a while afterwards, but it's a good analogy to have in my head. Just a long and painful race with an AMAZING outcome. Now I'm just ready (and hoping he doesn't come the weekend Nathan is out of town...that could be bad).


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