Sunday, June 8, 2008

Baby showers are so fun. It's like getting married again and having gifts and food just thrown at you. And instead of people saying, "Wow, that is so awesome!" they say, "Awww, isn't that so cute?!?" There are lots of coos and giggles and lots of passing around of little tiny boy things that we try our best to envision some little new born wearing or playing with, but it's definitely a lot harder than when they're actually wearing it. 

This past weekend I attended another shower in Charlotte, this one thrown by my mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law in conjunction with their aunt. A lot of family (from out of town) was able to attend this shower and it was great to be able to share in the moments with them as we don't get to see much of them now that we live in Nashville. Some girls from my small group attended as well, and it was great seeing the faces that were praying for this baby even before he existed. Such a neat thing to share in with them and the rest of the family. Nathan stayed at home for the weekend, so he didn't get to enjoy in the festivities, but it would have been a bit much for him anyway...

I flew to Charlotte on Friday morning (which, by the way, a forty minute flight  is WAY better than the 6+ hour drive it is from Nashville) and headed to my girl Lindsay at Modern. I love her! And, she just got married in May, so I got to hear about the wedding and honeymoon, a two-week trip to South Africa, complete with a safari! It was great. Headed for pedicures with Mom, then back to run some other errands - finding hospital pajamas, at home pajamas, and some nursing bras...what fun to recount. After several hours, some screaming at Target, and spending way too much money on hair and maternity items, we headed for Mexican to take the edge off!  It was a long day, and we were wiped out, but it was great. 

The shower was Saturday, so we got up early, went to Panera, then headed up to the lake area to pick up the awesome cake. We ordered it from our favorite little shop - they made our wedding cake and it was such a hit that I knew that's the cake I wanted for the shower. It turned out cute - Cecelia really wanted rocking horses on the cake, so that's what we ended up with and it was cute. A little more "baby" than we would have preferred, but hey, that's why we're here anyway, right?  Here's a picture of the cute cake: 

The off to the shower. It was a whirlwind, but a great time. As I mentioned, lots of family was able to be there and we got lots of great gifts, some that we REALLY needed before we bring the little one home - like a stroller and car seat! Here's the spread of food...which was great.

All in all the shower was a success, and after a very long day, we went by Papitre to pick out some baby announcements and thank-you cards for after BT gets here. I didn't feel very well (and hadn't since that morning), so we headed home for some rest before taking care of a few other last minute things and packing up my stuff for the trip home. While a fast trip, it was great and a lot of fun. I felt so blessed and so loved...and only hope the little man growing inside me could sense all the love around him this weekend. 

A few more pictures...
My mom and I posing before the shower got started.

Nathan's mom, who will be "CeCe" to little BT.

This is Janna Nimmo, my friend who works at Bank of America. We met she and her husband Travis through another church in Charlotte...they moved here from Atlanta and we miss them lots...she came at the last minute and it was great to catch up.

One of my favorite gifts - an awesome blanket from my Grandma Poage - she did an incredible job and I can't wait to use this!! 

Posing with Nathan's sisters - Anna Jane and Karen, who came in from Atlanta for the event. Jessica's trip home from Indonesia was delayed by a week, so she wasn't able to be there. And another picture with all the hostesses....Nathan's Aunt Julia, Anna Jan, Me, CeCe, and Karen.
And last but not least...the loot. There was so much stuff! All I could get in my suitcase was the clothes. The rest we'll have to meet up with Mom and Dad to pick up at a later time...crazy!


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