Monday, June 23, 2008

A Weekend Alone

This past weekend, Nathan decided to take a chance and leave his 37 almost 38-week pregnant wife and go hang out with two of his favorite male friends in Atlanta. Despite a series of somewhat concerning circumstances in the preceding weeks (i.e., low fluids, decreased growth, effacement and dilation beginning, etc.), we both felt it was going to be safe for him to go, and knowing he was only four hours away at most did help alleviate some of the fear and anxiety that went along with him leaving. It was something that he tried to do a few weeks prior, but it seemed the only weekend that worked for the three amigos was this past off he went on Friday afternoon, set to return on Sunday evening. I'll admit, I was a little scared by the fact that I'd be alone all weekend, but I also am really in tune with my body and what's going on, so I felt confident I would know pretty quickly if I was going into labor and we had all the appropriate contingency plans in place for the event. My bags have been packed for weeks, so that was not a was more or less getting to the hospital...

But here I am, Monday, beating the odds predicted by pretty much everyone that his departure would bring on labor. Not this week. What, you might be wondering, did you do with yourself while he was out of town? After all, I knew he would be completely occupied over time and space with his male counterparts and the time would fly for him, but with not so much going on in my world at the time (other than playing this fabulous game called The Waiting Game) I'm sure it would give rise to such a question. Amazingly enough I did find plenty of things to keep me busy, and other than a few short minutes here and there, I enjoyed the quiet time to be alone. I know, after all, that I won't have much of that in the coming months, so I did my very best to enjoy every last minute of it, soaking it up with each passing second.

Friday afternoon I ran a few errands I have had on my list for several days (some of which has passed the two weeks mark!) and felt really good for having taken care of those things. I wondered what I would do with myself for dinner, and at the end of a lot of places being thrown at me in and around the mall, I opted for leftovers at the house. Simple, free, and I could enjoy my movie while I dined. I had ordered The Waitress from our Netflix que so I'd have a girlie move to watch in his absence and enjoyed seeing someone else go through pregnancy and their completely different take on life. Very interesting life.

Anyway, the movie had all this pie in it and so at some interval I got a hankering for dessert and whipped up a sour cream white cake and cream cheese frosting. Since it wasn't ready in time for my dessert hankering, I pulled out my new favorite treat, Alden's Ice Cream. Now, if you don't know, I am somewhat freakish about the types of things I eat (amongst other things) and prefer, if at all possible to eat everything organic. It has been increasingly difficult to find organic ice cream in a half gallon size rather than in pints, which just simply aren't enough for a pregnant woman who loves ice cream just as much pregnant as she does not pregnant. I came across some Blue Bell that was All Natural, and since I am a Texas girl at heart, this suited my fancy just fine. I love Blue Bell and always will, though now almost every flavor (except All Natural Vanilla) has high fructose corn syrup, which as you will come to learn is the bain of our healthy existence. It destroys all things good. Anyway, my dear friend Taylor, was coming to our house one evening to partake in some cigars with my hubby, and I told him that if he came, he had to bring Blue Bell All Natural Vanilla. Well, he couldn't find any, and so I would have to do without. BUT, much to my surprise and happiness, he found Alden's, and knowing my affinity for all things organic, hoped it would make the pregnant girl happy. Well, happy indeed. I have found a new love in Alden's Ice Cream. So, long story, but I enjoyed a nice bowl of that with fresh strawberries and a bit of Hershey's syrup before making my way to bed.

Saturday was more of the same. I got up early for the daily neighborhood walk, though I will say it wasn't nearly as exciting or enjoyable without my man by my side. Regardless, I stuck it out and did my hour before getting cleaned up and heading to Green Hills and other areas to finish up the errands. I got home and rested before deciding I would treat myself to a pedicure. Just in case I did go into labor, I wanted to have nice looking toes in the stirrups. A precautionary, yet necessary measure for all pregnant girls. The evening ended much the same as the night before though I didn't feel too hot that night and hoped I wouldn't wake up in a pool of fluid in the middle of the night.

Sunday came and went quickly. I spent most of the day at the pool, enjoying the awesome weather and reading my way half-way into The Shack. And seriously, if you do not have a copy of this book, please go out and get it now. Read it now. Soak it up. It will entrance you and change your life. If you let it. Please let it. It's amazing. You can buy it directly from the site above or you can get it from any other retailer...I personally select Amazon for most of my book orders, but that's a matter of personal preference. Whatever you do, get it.

That was pretty much the weekend. A few things I realized in Nathan's absence, that I thought would be interesting to note:

  1. Days are so much better when he is in them.
  2. Pottery Barn is not as much fun to dabble around in for hours without having a counterpart there to bounce ideas off of and play pretend with.
  3. Alone time is really valuable and important, and I enjoyed the solitude of the past 48+ hours.
  4. I had so much time to listen to God, talk to God, sing to my baby boy, wash clothes, and do things I don't do for myself very often and I think doing things for ourselves is often something we put off in the push for doing something for others. There is and should be a balance there. I enjoyed finding it.
  5. I don't like waking up in the middle of the night in a King-sized bed and realizing my husband is not by my side.
  6. I realized how much fuller my days and months are because of the man God put in my life
  7. I enjoyed remembering days past and thinking of Nathan while he was away, it made my heart grow fonder for him.
  8. Though I really enjoyed being alone for a time this weekend, I realized, too, what a gift I have been given in Nathan, in marriage, and with each day that passes, I am able to see more and more why God created us for one another. Not just he and I, but woman for man. It is truly a miracle in and of itself.
  9. I cannot wait to have this baby.

There's more, but I think that's enough for today...take time for you.


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