Monday, March 28, 2011

What a fun day we had celebrating my sweet baby girl. Who knew a year could go even faster when you're doing it the second time around??? It's quite astonishing, to be honest. We planned just a small party for the family and a few friends and it was really a special time for us to celebrate her and spend some time outdoors on a beautiful weekend after too many chilly days.

I'd already ordered her "birthday tutu" outfit. See her sporting it in pride!?! She's such a precious little little. I think even though she didn't know she was wearing something so frilly, she might have just known she was wearing something special. She just strutted around like a little teeny princess that day. It was such a fun thing for me to watch.

She has such a fun and sparkling personality and it's so neat to be able to watch her slowly develop those traits that she will carry with her as she ages and grows with each passing year.
We made the cupcakes (see my handy helper) and food early in the week with Mimi's help and had fun planning all the little fun things, some of which we didn't even get to do during the short time we had that day.

The kids "painted" the fence with paper we'd set out and they had a fun time doing some damage and writing their names and drawing pictures. It was cute. There was lots of tricycle time and fun push toys, bubbles, etc.

And, of course, we had food. We always have food. We did more brunch type things this time since we had her friends over earlier in the morning and I think it was the perfect choice for a dainty little party with our favorite friends and family.

It's so hard to believe how very quickly a year can pass and how much transpires in the life of this little being that just over a year ago had to live on what food passed through me to her. She lived in a tiny bubble inside my tummy and now is a walking, talking, discovering, laughing, silly little girl that will grow up, move out, find a man, get married, and have children of her own, if, of course, that is her choice. :)

The love I feel for these to kiddos is indescribable....and is only a mere glimpse of the love bestowed on us by our gracious Daddy who loans them to us for the short time they have to spend here on earth. What a privilege for me to know Teagan Elyse, to teach her about life, love, joy, pain, sorrow, sin, eternity, Jesus, and all the fun (and awful) stuff in between. As I watched a neighbor deal with a "life lesson" this week with their teenager, it was a rude awakening that we will be there so very soon. Going through and teaching life lessons to our little McNuggets when they are not so little anymore. How very grateful I am to be able to do this with them, as hard as it will be, and how grateful I am for parents who did the same with me as I's only helped me be a better parent.

We had Teagan's One Year pictures taken and she is a beaming cutie of perfection. Some party pictures, too! :) Learning to seize every moment no matter how beautiful or painful it might be.


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