Monday, January 11, 2010

I was just reviewing my list of "wishes" from my 2009 New Year's posting and realized all the things that had been true in 2008 that I'd already forgotten. Additionally, I realized I hadn't come back to my list as frequently as I'd liked in my postings or in reality. Regardless, I need to hold myself accountable for what I set out to accomplish in 2009. So here goes in short form with comments to boot!

  • Read the Bible every day
I did this! Well, kind of. As much as I wish I could say I read chapters upon chapters a day, that just wouldn't be truthful and honestly, as I found out the hard way, is much harder to do with a toddler at your toes all the time! But, I did read at least a verse, if not more, a day and did my very best to either a) pass it along to someone else in need or b) ponder it and it's impact to my life. So, I feel I gave this a good college try and in some small way succeeded.
  • Finish 12 books, novels, etc. (books, not magazines!)
I did this! I could list, but you'd be bored by my list. I think I counted 19 books.
  • Run a half marathon
I did this! April 18 marked the day I completed my first (and most certainly NOT my last) half marathon. It was thrilling, exhilarating, and I set out that day to run a full marathon by the end of the year...well, we all know how that went. KNOCKED UP! And while I did and do continue to run, 26.2 was just not wise.
  • Go on a date once a week. (with my hubby of course; see note* for further clarification)* This term "date" does not mean spend money on a meal, but just spend time out of the house and on our own away from Aiden to remember that we are first and foremost, husband and wife. Even if that means spending time at the good old Border's for some one on one reading and coffee. Regardless, to get out of the house and talk, dive in, breathe, and appreciate one another.
We did this! While I can't say with complete accuracy that each and every week we did a "date" out of the house, we did take time and spend with one another, if even over a glass of wine after a long day (or week) to decompress and talk about things other than Aiden or other children, but us, what was on our hearts, how we were growing, desired to grow, what we were feeling, etc. All in all I would consider this a success and look forward to continuing this "tradition" even as we embark on trying to pass TWO kids off to someone for a few hours a week! :) It may not be weekly, but monthly, that we make it out of the house, but we'll be trying, and I guess every little night helps.
  • Build deep and lasting friendships (dig deep into others' lives and not let myself or them get away with surface level conversations, or to let myself shy away from reaching out)
Working on this...still. We did meet a few folks this year and developed deeper friendships, we also said good-bye to some that weren't going to last us the long haul. Both ventures equally challenging in their own right, so this will be passed on as an ongoing theme for us, with a few minor changes to objectives along the way.
  • Find a church home
I (well, we) did not do this. Though we tried and looked, we have not yet found anywhere that feels like home for us. We'll continue the journey in 2010 and potentially beyond as we seek a place where our children can come to know the Lord in a way that is uniquely found in these settings...separate from our opinions and abilities as parents to show them who God is and can be.
  • Pay off a loan
I did this! Almost two. I had one in mind when I wrote this post, and that one is long gone!
  • Take at least one vacation (like how I say, "at least one"? I will gladly welcome more!)
I did this! And managed to score more than one. :) Love it. We'll see what this year holds. Hopefully the same.
  • Worry less, encourage more
And this...well, I continue to work on this. While I have gotten much better at encouraging WHEN I feel worried, I still continue to worry probably far more than I should. I realized this the most when Aiden was staying with my parents. I had some of the best sleep ever when he was there. This happened because 1) he was with someone I trusted and very safe, and 2) he wasn't upstairs with something potentially happening to him in his sleep! Not sure why I can spearate like that, but it just worked that way. Though this is a small thing, it showed me I have not let go of my worry. So...this is a work in progress, as most of my "issues" are!

Hope this update proved valuable. I know maybe not for you, but did for me. I'll be posting my 2010 goals and move forward statements shortly...maybe later this week when I have some time. I hate that it's already past the 10th and I still haven't done it. Ugh! Oh well...working on it counts.


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