Wednesday, October 7, 2009

T's, Snow, and Football

This week was a complete whirlwind and I'll admit, a little sad after coming down from a two weekend birthday "high," but I'm dealing with it. Want to know how? By making it last. Of course. Friday night we had tickets to go see The Plain White T's and Snow Patrol with our neighbors, Sam and Karen - who is also expecting and due in just a few weeks! After some good Mexican, we headed to see the two alt rockers at the Ryman, which, if you haven't been, is not only historic, but a super venue to be at for just about any show. Good times with great friends. It was hard to get a ton of pics, but I snagged a couple:

Then, believe it or not, as soon as the show as over, we got back home, changed clothes and got in the car for a quick trip to Knoxville. My parents got some tickets to the Tennessee vs. Auburn game at Neyland Stadium Saturday night, so we opted to go under the cover of night to hopefully keep little dude safe and sound asleep...three hours with no tears vs. a potentially ear-drum damaging three hours seems like a no-brainer. Though we we wiped out and exhausted, it was fun driving at random hours of the night. I think we got in to town about 3:30 am CT (or 4:30 am ET - local - which meant Little Dude would be waking in about four hours...yikes!). Luckily we'd called in the troops to have Mimi and Pops watch out for him while we slept! We had a fun and relaxing day of naps, football, a solid lunch, and then headed off to the game. Oh, but I almost forgot, the FIRST thing Aiden did when he got back from breakfast with Mimi and Pops was pull out the BROOM. I mean, this kid is SOOOO our kid!! What? The broom. Cracked me up. But he was in heaven.

Nate and I headed off to the game and found a great (and free!) parking spot about 20 blocks from the stadium...and boy, did we get our HILL workout in on the way! Crazy, crazy Tennessee hills abound on this campus. We had great seats in the corner of the End Zone and were surrounded by some baffled Tennessee fans and some rowdy Auburn ones. It was great. After a few Coke Zeros (they had it on tap!!!), Peanuts, and Peanut M&M's, we were through the fourth quarter and winning against the Vols! All in all a great game. WAAAAAAR Eagle!

A picture before we left for the game, then at the game, then during the game...
I told Nathan he kind of looks "toasted" in this picture...which he flubbed on purpose. Silly.

So another late night, but another relaxing day ahead, which is always the great thing about Sundays. Mom made some scones for breakfast, then we grilled out for a late lunch before more naps and getting ready to head back. We opted to go for the "under cover of night" option again especially since it was raining. Ick. The whole day. But despite the rain, we had so much fun playing with our fun bundle of joy...who can do nothing but bring smiles to our faces. He was literally laughing at himself he was so thrilled with how happy he made us! Now, that is happiness. I love him tons and he makes my world complete.

This picture with the basket on his head...I have about 100 of me doing this very same thing when I was little. His little open mouth face cracks me up.

Here he was chasing Pops with his camera...he wanted to get his hands on that thing so bad!!

He's always eating, too...something he does so well!

He and I were playing "catch me" all over the house...he would run and I would chase him down and he was just LAUGHING! And totally unstoppable. So funny.

And my reward was ALWAYS big, slobbery kisses! Love those, too.

Playing "ride little horsy" with Mimi. With more laughs. Always laughing. Fun day. Fun trip. One for the books.


  1. Randy said...
    e it a great time.
    Randy said...
    You guys always make these weekends a great time. Nice blog.

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