Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sickness Times Three

Why is it when Mom is sick the world doesn't stop to help her, yet she must sojourn on and continue to help others? THIS is the part of the job description that no one really ever truly appreciates. I find myself in this odd place in life of dealing with sickness often now that I'm in Mommy-land after spending most of my adulthood hardly ever being least the times I was really, truly sick were very few and far between. And now, between school, and playgroups, and eating dirt, my little dude brings home all the bugs you can imagine. While my 30-year old immune system could handle it just fine, the 30-year old pregnant immune system doesn't have much defense against such predators as nursery school aged slobbery germs. How do you deny your sweet little boy the joy of giving Mommy kisses when you know good and well those kisses are going to get you ill? You don't. So you get sick. And you deal with it.

Luckily, I have this amazing partner named Nathan who is Superman in times of trouble and can somehow manage work, Aiden, and taking care of sick me when I'm at the worst of it and simply can't move. Somehow I think it's God's way of showing these men (just a few times a year) how much we mom's do and how much they should appreciate us for doing it 365 days a year. I had the cold bug once already, then had the flu shot, then Aiden and Nate got it, and then lucky me got it again...only it felt worse and came with some more surprises. I don't like surprises when I'm sick, at least in terms of more sickness....surprise me with saltine crackers when I don't ask, COOL! but surprise me with sudden and necessary prayers to the porcelain throne when I don't ask, NOT COOL!

As a child, we get so used to our mom's always being there to care for us when we're sick. Then we go off to college and realize she's not there anymore. We actually have to make ourselves soup if we want it, and have to make ourselves drink water and Sprite, and juice since we need it. Often we don't and we just push through...laying in bed. But it sure does make you realize what you had when you were a kid (and TOTALLY took for granted). And then you become a married adult, who has to take care of your spouse when they fall ill...and most of this makes you feel special and useful, but then you get sick and often, when the shoe is on the other foot, the same "care" you gave to them is just slightly less "caring" when they are the giver. Not by intention, in most cases at least, but mostly by design of our male and female nature. Again, you appreciate the incessant and diligent care your mother gave you all the more. And then, you have kids, and realize that when you get sick, it does not stop their need to be cared for, fed, loved on, played with, walked, talked to, bathed, put to bed, etc...and the list goes on...not to mention the house, which can become disasterous in such a short time without wonder woman to pick up the pieces. All of this, of course is an exaggeration, but simply meant to say that never in my life, did I think when I got to this point, I'd be the Mom...and here I am...doing it all and making it work. NOT without the help of my amazing Nathan of course, as I wouldn't be able to get up in the morning if it wasn't for him helping me as much as he is able....but it just makes you appreciate all you do for them every day to a whole new level.

So, even though my sweet boys were the ones who got me sick....again, I am so grateful for their help, their love, and their care for me even when they don't feel good. Now, if I can just convince Aiden that when we get sick, we rest all day and watch movies, and take naps, and relax to feel better. That silly child runs at 98% of his usual 110% even when he's sick. How in the world he does it, I will never really know, I just know it wears me out. But the joy that comes from knowing he's cared for and loved all the more for it makes it all worth it in the end. That, and one day, he'll be the one doing the caring! Ha! :)


  1. The Skippers said...
    Amen sister! We moms need a day of rest. I am starting the movement.
    Randy said...
    Very well said! We are praying for you three to get well soon!

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