Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4 Weekend

This weekend, my mom and dad decided they needed to spend some QT with Aiden, so Thursday morning, Nate and I drove to Cookeville to meet them for a down home breakfast at the good 'ol Cracker Barrel. It was quite yummy and I think Aiden really enjoyed taking all the toys off the shelves about as much as he did eating breakfast.

After dropping him off, Nate and I headed back home to wrap up work and spend some time at the pool before heading to Green Hills for dinner with Brian at Sunset Grill. He's just moved here from Charlotte to work at Deloitte and it was fun showing him the Hillsboro Village area of Nashville, which is essentially around the corner from where he lives. Every time I head down there, I reminisce of my college days and how frequently we used to visit these spots within walking distance of the apartment. Always a fun time.

Friday was a short visit to the pool followed by lots of errands we'd had on our list. The day wrapped up with a visit to Arrington Vineyard for their wine tasting and jazz night along with Taylor, Rachel, and several other folks in need of good imbibement. Good times and a beautiful night!

Saturday was a bit more pool time and more errands before heading downtown to try and catch the Fireworks. On our way down, it began to POUR and they went ahead and started the fireworks we saw them all from the car, then got stuck in about an hour of traffic. We'd planned to hit up Bricktops for our celebratory dinner, but missed the boat on that as they decided to close early! What?!? So, off to Jackson's for a late night meal. Back home and a plan to rest Sunday.

That resting thing didn't really happen as we remembered we needed to clean house and mow before we picked up the boy, so we did all that and then headed on our way to pick him up. We had dinner at Olive Garden and boy, do I love that bread and salad. I always forget that since I never go there. So good.

We enjoyed our time alone and getting to do a lot of errands and chores, while getting to pretend we're a young single couple without kids, but we missed our boy terribly. It's always such a joy to get him back, but know both he and I have had a great time on our own. It's nice to have a break every now and then, and catch up on the sleep we never get. :) The joys of this boy! I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Happy Fourth! Four years of marriage and a BIG ONE YEAR mark are right around the corner. Such a fun time of year for our little family!!

Daddy's glad to have his boy back!
Dropping him off at Cracker Barrel. Love those chairs! Love my boy!


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