Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This week was really wild and crazy, which we knew it would be before it even began. After getting Aiden back from a weekend away with Mimi and Pops on Monday, work was nutso for both Nathan and I and we had company coming into town for the party beginning Wednesday. All the items for the party were pretty much complete, except for the cake, which masterful cake-decorator Mom had to handle. She arrived Wednesday and provided Nate and I some space to spend some time together for our anniversary, which we share with Aiden's birthday.

We exchanged gifts previously in the day, which is always see your thoughts and time spent ogling over gifts finally come through their expressions. Ironically enough, we both gave each other watches, guess that growing together thing really is true. I always enjoy seeing Nate's softer side come out when it comes to the heart he puts into his gifts. It shows he really does listen to all the random stuff I say, even if most of it is jibberish. To top it off we were able to spend the evening out together and enjoyed a great Mexican meal @ LaPaz for dinner (can't get enough Mexican food!).
Friday was spent preparing for the Saturday festivities, mostly decorating the cake, which took a long 6 hours long! Thankfully, we had mom doing that part, while the rest of us played pass the baby with Aiden. It was adventurous, but we got it all done, thankfully! Jessica arrived that afternoon and she and Nate went downtown while I helped finish things up at the house and got ready for a little bit of rest before the par-doo!
The next morning was wild and crazy, too...a lot of drama insued while putting everything together for the festivities to begin at 11, the most interesting being I cut my finger open while working with some sprinkles (for the kids to decorate cupcakes) and passed out! So, that was fun and exciting. Luckily, the cut was deep, but stitches may or may not have made a difference, so I just taped it up and kept going. Thankfully we were able to still get everything done in time before the guests arrived. Whew! What a whirlwind.
To accompany our "safari" themed party, we had a "tiger belly" moonbounce, safari printed balloons on the fence posts, monkeys hanging in the trees, hula skirts on the tables, and safari printed placemats. It was so fun. We had a great layout of really good food...chicken salad, hummus, pita, a killer fruit and cheese platter, seven layer dip and guacomole, sweet dreams cookies, and of course, cake! A monkey cake to be exact! We had a cupcake decorating station for the kids, and that was their little take home party favor. They put them in brown boxes (think Sprinkles) and got an awesome sticker that said, "Thank you for making my first birthday so sweet! Aiden." They were really fun and cute take-aways.
It's really hard to believe a year has passed us by without a blip on the map it seems. I keep saying I don't know where it went, and I really don't. I can't quite figure out how we got from birth to this walking, talking, happy, laughing, giggling, exploring, creative, I could go on....little guy. He is the most special thing in the world and I cannot imagine loving anyone any more than I love him. I have the two best boys in the world in my life every single day and I love every minute of it. Though it makes me sad I now have a "toddler" as opposed to a "baby" Aiden, I am so excited to see him learn and grow and see life with new and fresh eyes. He is my sweet and special little one. Happy Birthday! Oh yeah, and happy four years, Baby!
Let them eat MONKEY cake! So fun...and of course, he LOVED it!

The tiger belly moonwalk and my curious little man.

The food....and the cookies! Yummy!
These dudes grew mustaches for the party. Why? Not sure exactly. Whatever.

Aiden's first bike! So fun...and he loves it!


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