Monday, June 22, 2009

First Father's Day

Today was Nathan's first Father's Day as a Daddy. A Big Daddy. My Big Daddy. Aiden's Awesome Daddy. Basically a Daddy that rocks. It's been really amazing for me to see Nathan being a Daddy to Aiden as he's grown up the past 11 months. Today was the day to celebrate him in all his Daddy glory.

I remember back to June of last year and Father's Day in particular and the frequent and sarcastic comments from Nate how he wasn't really looking forward to being a dad as it made him sound old. Yes, exactly what I was thinking. Thirty is so old. For whatever reason, some people just don't think they have what it takes to be a Dad, or a Mom for that matter. And it is true that some people don't, but this is not the case for Nathan. Though he might not have thought so at the time, I have known all along that he would be an amazing Dad. Just one look at the heart he has in him will reassure any doubt you might have about that fact.
That said, what a miracle it has been for me to see his remarkable transformation from this guy who wasn't all that sure about bringing a kiddo into the world to this guy who LOVES the mess out of our little dude. They have this fun and very special relationship; bond, if you will. Aiden loves play time with Nate. So much so that he rarely (and by rare I mean like once a month or something) lets him put him down to sleep - for bed, for naps, whatever. To him Nate = PLAY and play only. On the flip side, I = sleep, comfort, and food. Sometimes play, but not as often as he runs to Nathan for those times. And though sometimes I wish I was the play person, I realize how glad I am that he can associate Nathan with playtime because so many little dudes don't get that kind of time with their dad as often as he does, so they don't really know what Dad is there for! Lucky for us, this is not the case with our Daddy Nate.

Nathan's love for Aiden has been something so special for me to watch develop over time as Aiden has grown up and I anxiously await how much more it will grow in the Father's Days to come. So while we didn't do anything super amazing to celebrate today, we spent the day letting Nate be what he does best, be Aiden's Dad. Though it was a fairly low-key day, it was special because we got to have lunch with Beth, Daniel, Ryder, and the little one on the way as they were visiting from Austin. We celebrated our hubbies and daddies over lunch and catching up on their life in Austin and ours here. Fun times. Miss them lots and it was fun to see the two boys (3 months apart) hanging out and chilln' at the table chowing down on their "people food." Crazy that last year that couldn't have happened.

The group after a great Father's Day lunch.
There he is in all his scary glory.


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