Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beach Trip 2009

Oh, the ever loving beach. It is something I look forward to with anxious anticipation from the minute I leave every year until the minute I return. Why? So many reasons...too many to list, but there is something wild and wonderful about the ocean, the sand, the waves, the sunrises, sunsets, and the way it all works together in tandem to be the all encompassing reality of a dream that is the beach.

This year marks the first year we had our little dude in tow and while we knew it would be a different kind of vacation (in that it wouldn't really be a true vacation in the sense of complete and utter relaxation), we knew it would be enough to clear our heads, give us some time away, and enable us to enjoy our little family unit in our very favorite spot of ocean. We were interested to see how Aiden would like the ocean and sand as we had all kinds of varying opinions from our friends based on how their kids liked it, so we went into it hopeful, but not terribly optimistic. Regardless, our trip was slightly easier than originally planned as we headed down via plane rather than attempting the 8 hour trek by car. Our little dude doesn't care too much for the car as it inhibits his ability to get around, and he's not at the DVD watching age yet, so we opted to fly, probably for the last time before we start trying to make the trip by car. Flight there was full of eating (for Aiden - to distract him from the desire to walk), but we made it to the beach and were able to breath in the salty smell in less than a half a day. Success.

My parents arrived to spend a couple of nights with us and I took Dad around to show him the lay of the land where we were staying and then headed out onto the beach to secure our chairs for the week. We had a nice time hanging out before bringing Aiden down to discover his sense of smell, taste, and views of the vast expanse of ocean. He didn't quite know what to make of it, the ocean, that is, but he wasn't quite as scared as I thought...and really quite enjoyed his time in the sand. He made multiple attempts to eat it, some successful, which was quite a funny thing.

The hours became days and the days passed too quickly. Nate and I took our annual trip to the Red Bar, a few beaches away from where we stay, which is something we always look forward to. We filled the week with lots of lounging and naps, good meals at great local restaurants, fun shopping trips, biking around the nearby towns, and taking long runs on the beach. I could stay there forever. Someday I think I will.

The thing that is too much to encompass in any amount of writing, was having Aiden at the beach with us. It was surreal to see and have my little dude there with us taking in the ocean and pools, the environment, the people. Last year he was just this little figment of our imagination...we had no idea what the little baby inside my belly would look like or be like, how he would experience things, what his voice would sound like, or that he would take his very first steps all by himself across the room at our beachouse. All of it just fit together perfectly.

How nice it is to forget what day of the week it is every now and then. I wish that happened more often! Even though it wasn't the most relaxing vacation...at least like those in years past when we could spend 12 hours on the beach without caring what time it was or what we'd eaten...it was one I won't soon forget and one I wouldn't trade. I look forward to going back...hopefully sooner than a year from now. A few pics from our trip...for more click here.


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