Monday, May 11, 2009

My First Mother's Day

This year marked the first year I was a Mom on Mother's Day and even though Aiden doesn't really get all that stuff, he didn't really have to in order to make it an amazing day. Becoming a mother has been such an incredible gift, one I thought for so long wouldn't be possible, but a dream I am now so glad did come true. Who would have thought this precious little boy could have rocked my world in such a huge way over the past 10 months. It's pretty amazing. Though some might say that being a mom is over-rated or not that much work, I beg to differ. There's nothing over-rated about it, and there's also a lot more work to it than it looks like from the outside. I guess you'll never know till you do it, but I admire my mom and so many other moms out there who do it all and do it all with grace, poise, character, and love. It's tough to give unconditionally all the time, but as tough as it is, it's also immeasurably rewarding. Okay, so enough of that.

Nathan had his own surprise up his sleeve in Aiden's outfit...he had a onesie made that said MY MOM ROCKS (and the word rocks was in rock print - so cute!). My card reminded me I had been a mom for 302 days (can you believe he's that old!?!?) and was so cute! I love both my boys. What a special memory. We headed off to meet my parents at Panera - they drove up to help celebrate the day with us. After breakfast, we headed back to our house for nap time and I ventured out on a celebratory run with my dad. My parents gave me this beautiful blue hydrangea for us to plant at the house, so it would always be a reminder of my first Mother's Day and my special boy. My, how time flies.

We finished out the day by going to see Baby Madden get dedicated to the church - so sweet. A great end to Mother's Day. It was a super duper fun day filled with a lot of love, emotion, and a lot of memories. I can't wait to celebrate more! :)

My sweet boy in his Mom's Day shirt!

Pretty hydrangea!

My big daddy!

This kid seriously loves to eat. And is not ashamed about it!

My dad (Pops), Aiden, and bro


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