Sunday, May 17, 2009

Girls Day Away

About three weeks ago I was chatting with my friend Meghan, who lives in Atlanta, and we were talking about how we needed to plan a little day trip to hang out with each other since we hadn't gotten to hug in a long time. So we picked a day and decided to meet half way in Chattanooga, about a 2 hour drive for both of us. And today was the day. It marks the first time I've been away from Aiden on my own, so it was kind of a big deal. Not really, just kind of.

I got up early and left my boys alone (hoping Nate would remember all I told him and not to forget to feed him!) and headed out on the rainy road to Chattanoonga and was looking forward to lunch at this great place we'd picked out. After we both arrived and did our fair share of hugging, we went out on a mission to find the spot despite knowing nothing about the city we found ourselves in. After about 6 circles, we finally found it and discovered that of all the oddities they were closed all weekend. Every weekend. Not just this one. Why in the world you'd be closed on Saturday seems fairly odd to me, but oh well...turns out that wasn't the only odd thing about C-town. Luckily we had a few back up options, so we headed to River Street Deli, which we heard was a little hole in the wall with some of the best food in town. Though it took us some time to find parking, and the place was kind of odd to find, I will say the food was quite good...made to order, nice staff, and big portions. Good times.

As we sat in the basement hole in the wall deli drinking our tea, we had a great time catching up on the happenings of life, pondering what would happen in the future, gathering advice about what we're going to do with our lives, and just being girls. It was a great lunch. Then we were off to walk the streets to see if there were any shops interesting enough to buy something from. And while there were some cute stores, we couldn't help but be deterred by the very strong odor coming from certain crowds of people as we walked past. It seemed as though this area we found ourselves in was crawling with somewhat of a bohemian culture, and obviously one that thinks bathing is optional. After a few too many breaths of not so pleasant air, we were off to find ourselves some coffee and a treat.
We ended up in an art district with some iced coffee that took way too long to order, and a nice sized chocolate chip cookie. We watched a wedding begin as we continued conversations about life, love, and how grateful we were to be away from that smell. One more random stop later and we decided it was time to head on back. After all I did need to make sure Nate hadn't let Aiden ride any bulls on their trip to the Franklin rodeo.
It was such a fun day, and though I had to face pouring rain the entire way back, I was so grateful for my sweet friend who drove two hours just to spend the day with her mom friend. We had such a great time catching up and it made me wish Atlanta was just that much closer to Nashville. It's a great thing to be able to be yourself with doesn't happen very often. Girls are a rare breed. Judgemental, lacking self-confidence, jealous, just plain mean, always full of drama, and so much more. To be able to spend time with girls without all that junk is priceless. And finding out about a great sale on a super cute pair of shoes makes it all worth it.


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