Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend

After a long, sad good-bye to our dear Taylor ("Taya" as she will forever be known), we were headed to Knoxville for the long Easter weekend. Nate and I took the day off on Friday since Corporate America doesn't recognize anything related to Jesus, and gave ourselves a three-day weekend. We were looking forward to celebrating Buddy's birthday (27, wow!!) and some time with Pa-Mimi at their place rather than at ours. It was such a fun weekend full of fun, laughter, good food, and lots of fun memories.

We spent Friday at the mall, where Aiden was finally able to ride the much anticipated West Town Mall Train. He'd been talking about it since Christmas, where he feared for his life every second he was on it. No one really knew if he was going to ride it with a smile or with tears, but we were all hoping for the best. And the best it was, he LOVED the train, Teagan did too. It was fun. We got to say hi to the Easter bunny, from a distance of course, as we were not about to go anywhere close to him other than waving "hi!" Quite a funny boy, that Aiden. We went for a run in the park that afternoon and then played outside after naptime before Nate and I got to go on our date night.


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