Wednesday, December 22, 2010

H-town Down

Well, Poage, actually, but Down sounded better. After a whirlwind of a November, we had another few busy weeks ahead culminating in a trip to Texas for my cousin's wedding, followed by Christmas.  We haven't flown with both kids yet and were nervous about the outcome given all the "possibilities" for failure when it comes to the three A's: airports, airplanes, altitude. Needless to say, no one needed to give us any convincing it would be a challenge, so we prepared ourselves accordingly. To be honest, the worst part (being on the other side) is the packing...I mean kids need a lot of things and the things they MIGHT need are what really get you when you're packing for a trip away. After the bags were packed, I think I was wiped enough. Regardless, we actually made it to the airport way on time, which is a huge feat when Nathan's driving. We made it through food, too! We boarded in early fashion (one great perk of traveling with kids)...and headed up and away for our Texas adventure. And the kids did amazing. Aiden didn't fuss once, but was thoroughly entertained by the games and movies on the iPad...and the people he met, of course. And Teagan did superb, only making a slight peep when her ears began to pop. Amazing kids, my two. I have to say I was a proud mom. Proud to not be "that family" on the plane with "those kids" making everyone else sigh and hate the day they were born. Plus, plus!

After barely surviving Houston traffic to get to our hotel, we bedded the kids for their naps and got ready for the rehearsal dinner that night. It was great catching up with family and we had some amazing food and excellent cake of Oscar, a huge dog my cousin Carter has (but will not have after he gets married!).

The next day was December 18 - not only the day Carter was getting married, but the day my baby girl turned 9 months old. Where the time went I still don't know, but gone, gone it is. No longer are her baby hands so tiny it's hard to believe they're real. No longer is her hair barely there. No longer does she need me at every breath. While it is such a gift to watch them grow up, it is such a torture to watch it as well.  How little they are and how big they become. And the bigger they are, the more of our hearts they take with them. Oh, I dread the day she gets married. And the same for Aiden, too. How I hope I have the heart to handle it. Even being at Carter's wedding I found myself crying at every interval. I can only imagine what that will be like when it is my own flesh and blood I am giving away to do this life thing with someone else. I wait in joyous anticipation, but also anxious abandon.

My dad and I went running in Memorial Park. It was a great day for it - sunny, mild, no humidity, and people bustling about the park in every fashion imaginable. It was fun and a great day. Then off to the wedding. It was a quick ceremony and light reception. The kids were the hit of the party!

Teagan my little princess!

Me with my precious grandparents.

My blue-lipped stud (guess who raided the candy!)
We enjoyed the "candy bar" and then headed off to put the wiped kiddos in bed. Nathan and I went and walked around the Galleria for a while and had a fun time people watching and just spending some quality time together in another city. It's always fun.

On the way home! 
After a quick breakfast with everyone on Sunday, we spent the rest of the day relaxing, eating yummy Mexican and stuffing our faces with Sprinkles cupcakes before we packed up to do the flight thing all over again on Monday.

Finally back in TN, it's now time to get unpacked (my LEAST favorite part of any trip!) and get ready for Christmas in a few days! Can't wait to see my kids faces.
Tired boy chillin with Paaa.


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