Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Way too long...

I realize the time has probably passed to the extent where all my updates would be pointless. Regardless, I am going to try and catch myself up even if it doesn't get read. It's been far too long since I've written and now so much has happened, I need to document it...if for nothing else that I don't lose my mind and not capture the little things. That said, I'll back-post a few items from our summer after this post.  Or before...however you say it.

My update for this week is short and sweet. We have a new nanny...finally. For the skinny on the deal with that, you'll have to go back and read about 4th of July...once I post it, of course. :) That said, Taylor started with us this week and has so far been super. If nothing else, she helps me tremendously in that she cares for my kids. And they love her. Two things which matter immensely. After rounds and rounds of interviews, we were really excited to have Taylor join our family. Aiden has shown off his masterful skills with Bieber concerts and basketball. They're learning all kinds of things and Teagan warmed right up to her. Plus, she loves to be clean! Praise the Lord!! :) So...mission accomplished.

Aiden is very much two, well as of this week, he's now 25 months. But for his age, he is talking a mile a minute, and learning something new that suprises us daily. He's so much fun. He loves to sing, dance, play basketball, color, swim, and just be a boy outside exploring. He can count to 20 with only a few skips or misses. ;) He loves Bieber. Justin Bieber. If you don't know him, within a few minutes of hanging out with Aiden, you'll swear you're looking at a mini-Biebs. We have been doing music class and he LOVES that...and it's been a blast to see his personality really explode. I can't wait for him to experience this year. So fun.

Teagan is growing like a weed. She will be five months next week...what?! I can't believe how fast it goes. Last year at this time, I was sitting here probably typing, and I had a little 8 week old bean in my belly. Now she's here and in living color. She's coming right into her own with a sparkling personality. In the last week or two, she's begun talking like crazy. Not talking like Aiden, of course, but baby talking - coos and squeals and fun noises babies make to let you know they're figuring out there's talking going on! We started rice after her 4 month check up and have already started eating bananas and sweet potatoes. The verdict on both is a YES! My great little eater.

Nathan is crazy busy with work. I am crazy busy with work. The best part is that we have help now, so we can not feel so worn down by the end of the day. That is a beautiful thing. I Love Love Love my kiddos, but trying to work a 50+ hour a week job, take care of them (which is 1st in my book even with a crazy work schedule), manage the house, be an amazing wife, and actually get anything done...well, it's a challenge to say the least. I am grateful for a hubby that makes every effort to tell me he knows how hard it is and helped me every step of the way. Always has and hopefully always will. Even with help!

So there's the latest from the homefront. Know it's broad, but for those of you who are far away and don't see us so often, hopefully it'll at least give you a short update till I can get back on my blogging feet. Look for some posts in the next few days to update you on our summer! It was a fun one for sure!

Nathan and I at Aiden's birthday party last month
My sweet baby girl. Bright blue eyes.
Aiden loves holding his baby sister! All the time.
The FAM!
Mr. "I'm Two!"
I just love his face on this...he LOVES his baby sister.


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