Thursday, May 20, 2010

Update so far...

My boys have been sick the past few days. Aiden with a double ear infection and nasty cough, and Nathan with a cough and severe congestion. No fun for anyone when the boys are sick. They are my fun, smiling guys. Luckily they are on the up and up. Not so luckily, my baby girl seems to have contracted the cough just as they are getting rid of it. It's the saddest little cough you've ever heard. But thankfully she's resting it off and I can only hope the "rest when you're not feeling great" theme continues as she gets older. Aiden never really got that concept down very he goes at a mere 99% when he's not feeling great instead of the usual 110%. Makes for some long days, I will say that much!

May is flying by and I can hardly believe it's nearly half over. Hmmm..what has happened?
We survived the FLOOD of 2010. It was drama. Mom was stranded here with us. It rained for 48 hours straight. Nashville got rocked. Luckily, we only suffered slight damage. Whew, glad that's over.
Taylor and Rachel got married. Stinky for us, we missed the wedding because of the sillly flood - we were literally land locked in our neighborhood and couldn't get out. It was the biggest bummer of the season. I love weddings. We looked so cute all dressed up. I hated it for Nathan, it really tore him up. At least we were able to go to the Rehearsal Dinner and celebrate with everyone. That was really special.

Work started back up. Whew. I am tired thinking about it. Grateful to have a job. Not so grateful it wears me out and I miss my kids, but at least I'm home with them all day.

Aiden is two months away from TWO YEARS OLD. Not sure how that milestone happened, but here we are, two months away. Woooow (as he would say). He is talking up a storm. Gains new words every day. Now he puts them together and is starting to make sentences. It's amazing. He knows all his colors and some numbers, though his favorite number is two. Everything is two. Everything. Even one. One is two. The kid is hilarious. Some other favorites are: daddy, mommy, baby, "ba-cici" (our neighbors across the street), nana (equals both panera and banana), ball, truck, tractor, mower, up - down, mimi, pa, "B" (equals bed and Bud - my brother), airplane, and all his colors...he is pure and uninhibited joy and brings life to my aging bones. Love the mess out of him. That will never stop, but only get better with time.


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