Monday, December 14, 2009

Visit with Santa

So every year our neighborhood has Santa come to us. This treat is quite awesome because I'm sure if you visit the mall anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you have seen the lines awaiting three minutes on Santa's lap. The process for this "experience" is an experience in and of itself:

  1. They set up a night to offer tickets to residents.
  2. The tickets are on "sale" for three hours and are on a first come first serve basis. So we all stand patiently (or not so patiently) in line awaiting our turn to choose a day/time.
  3. There are two days you can choose from.
  4. Each day has a three to four hour time period set aside, from which you select a 30 minute time slot (if the time you want is still available when you get to the front of the line).
  5. You show up five minutes early on your chosen day and get a professional picture with Santa...along with some hot chocolate, juice, teddy grahams, and goldfish.
It is quite an ordeal! But it beats standing in line at the mall for who knows how long and potentially even long enough to see nap time come and go. NO THANKS!

All in all our trip was a success. And by success, I mean NO TEARS - who knows if we actually got a good shot in the few minutes we spent with Santa, but at least we weren't crying! :) Whew! Despite runny noses and a time bordering on nap time, we managed to get in an out unscathed. So we'll post the "pro picture" later, but for now, here's a look at the Westhaven Santa and my cute little curious peanut!

He's asking, "Who is this guy, Mom?"

Oh, and AFTER our nap AFTER Santa, Daddy got out his old cowboy boots (his FIRST PAIR EVER) for little man to try on. How cute is he? He couldn't quite figure out how to walk normally, but had a nice cowboy jaunt going funny! :) Why this cowboy is carrying around tennis balls, I really couldn't tell you, but how cute!


  1. The Skippers said...
    Love the boots! That is way too cute.
    the baileys said...
    I love all of the pictures. Aiden is so handsome!! LOVE the boots:)

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